20 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

blog post ideas that drive trafficYour website might need a traffic boost for any number of reasons. One of the best tried-and-true ways to drive traffic to your website is through targeted blog posts that offer your visitors something special: Value, guides, inside information, strategy tips, or even an interesting perspective.

No template will work exactly the same for every industry, so take the 20 blog post ideas we’ve outlined below and give them your own twist to appeal specifically to your visitors and audience.

One of the important components of the blog post ideas below is that they are ‘evergreen content’ ideas that won’t appear dated anytime soon and will be a good source of website traffic for months or years to come.

Keep reading to see our 20 best blog post ideas to drive traffic to your website.

20 blog post ideas to drive traffic to your website

1. Repurpose older blog posts into new content.

2. Create presentations and galleries to mix in with blog posts.

3. Create a series on topics your competitors aren’t covering.

4. Cover all the industry basics on your blog.

5. Play Devil’s Advocate to a common industry perspective.

6. Write about life hacks, productivity hacks, home hacks, etc.

7. Interview an influencer or thought leader in your industry.

8. Create a course in your niche and put it on your website.

9. Try posting recipes your audience might enjoy. Everyone eats!

10. Break down your eBook into multiple blog posts.

11. Write about recent or past achievements or awards.

12. Curate ‘Top 10’ blogs in the industry (don’t include yourself).

13. Post industry Frequently Asked Questions.

14. Create customer spotlights or success stories.

15. Write about common business problems and discuss solutions.

16. Post your take on the news in your industry on your blog.

17. Write help documents with titles phrased as questions.

18. Consult Google Trends to find topics rising in popularity.

19. Check your competitor’s blogs for topic ideas that are getting attention.

20. Write about your services in a non-promotional way.

Keeping fresh, evergreen content on your blog will help you drive steady traffic to your website and boost traffic when things start to die down. We included 20 of our best ideas above. Did we leave anything out? What blog post topics do you fall back on when you’re not sure what to write about or need a traffic boost? We want to hear about it in the comments!

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