Repurposing Your Blog Posts Into Fresh Content

When you’ve spent time crafting “evergreen content”–content that is as relevant today as the day it was written–it’s painful to see it wither away in your blog, unnoticed. Don’t let that happen! When your content starts to seem stale, it’s time to repurpose it into something great. Take your old blog posts, shine them up, and send them out in any of these 5 ways.

Write a sequel blog posttyping

If the first post did well, try doing a Part 2. When your audience is interested in a blog post, you need to find out what was interesting about that post. What stood out? Once you’ve targeted what made the post popular, go in that direction for the sequel.

If you fully covered a topic in the first post and can’t squeeze another post from it, try making it part of a series. For example, if the first post was about using Twitter to engage your audience, it would make sense to make that post part of a series that includes posts like Using Linkedin to Engage Your Audience, Using Facebook to Engage Your Audience, etc.

Create an infographic

Humans are visual creatures, and that’s why we love a good infographic. When it’s possible, take data or quotes from your blog post and design shareable infographics with them. These bite-sized pieces of content tend to perform well on social media and get your point across quickly and efficiently. If you’re good at design, that will stand out to your readers as well. Add your company watermark to the infographic to grab some publicity from any subsequent shares!

Create slides 

Some people love the presentation format. It definitely works for certain types of posts better than others–how to’s and guides transfer seamlessly to slides, as do image-based posts, while opinion-style pieces are better left in blog format.

Make sure to brand your slides with your company name and logo, using the same font and color scheme as you do on your website and blog. Again, having someone with design experience helps tremendously here.

Put it in an eBook

If you’ve written several meaty blog posts–and by that, we mean blog posts that are both evergreen and useful–you could repurpose them by gathering related posts and turning them into an eBook. Amazon has made it easy to put together an eBook, “publish” it, and begin selling it in the Kindle store. You can earn extra money for your business by selling the book at a competitive price (check similar books in your industry).

Being the author of a published, best-selling eBook can mean wonderful things for your business and professional reputation. This is something you can do again and again as you generate more and more blog content.

Write a guest post about it

Once you’ve written your amazing blog post, a lot of the research you did for it is still knocking around your brain, and you’ve already got some things to say on the subject. What better time is there to write a guest post? Get in touch with an existing partner, or strike up a cross-promotional relationship with a company you respect to line up a guest post on your topic! Make sure to include a link back to your original article. Their audience will see you as an expert in your field, you’ll get some increased blog traffic, and possibly land more guest posting spots in the future. Win-win-win!

Do you have another method of repurposing old blog content? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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