Do you know what CMS stands for? CMS stands for content management system. These systems are very powerful and can make it very easy to manage a website and blog. Whether you’re starting your website for business purposes or personal reasons, the right CMS will help.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other CMS options are discussed, compared and reviewed at length in our CMS category. When considering the different CMS options for your website or blog, make sure to read a few of our comparisons before making your final choice. This could make the difference between choosing the right or wrong CMS for your project.

Discover the power of using WordPress and many other CMS choices through our battle posts. Once you have the right hosting, this is the next decision most will make for their project. Make sure you do your homework first, with our blog posts on many different CMS related topics.

Most Recent CMS Posts

How Important is Website Design and your CMS?

Website Design and CMS

Have you put much thought into your website’s design and theme? It may seem like a less important aspect of running a website or blog, but it’s a portion of the site that can add or decrease value. People want to look at a website that is easy on the eyes, enjoyable, and professional. If you can find ways to enhance any of these elements, you would be wise to do so. Being successful online requires many elements such as great content, the ability to shop online at your store, and your brand having a professional image in all of …

MySQL Hosting

MySQL Logo

What is MySQL Hosting? MySQL hosting comes in many forms from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. It’s any type of hosting that allows you to use MySQL databases, which are utilized by many of the best web applications, such as WordPress. Most bloggers start with a shared MySQL hosting account and build up to VPS and dedicated server hosting as they gain more traffic. The majority of MySQL blog hosting companies use Linux as the operating system on their servers. Linux is an open source operating system providing the best performance, reliability and the most user-friendly choice. Why is …

Joomla SEO

Which Joomla SEO Extensions can Help You Boost Your Ranking? Joomla is one of the more popular CMS or content management systems out there. If you choose Joomla to build your website, it’s important to use the right extensions. An extension is another way to say plugin and with Joomla, you will be using extensions. One of the most important types of extensions is a Joomla SEO extension. Since SEO is one of the most important choices for your marketing strategy, getting the most out of an SEO extension for Joomla is very important. Top Extensions for Better Joomla SEO …

What Exactly Do All the Most Popular & Reliable Blog Hosting Companies Have in Common ?

The Most Popular Blog Hosting Sites and their Advantages Getting the most popular blog hosting sites is the best way to make sure you get all the necessary advantages to make more money from the traffic you drive to your blog. If you don’t have all the necessary tools for your blog hosting, then you may just struggle to get the blog functioning the way you want. There are many ways to find the most popular blog hosting sites. The best way to find these sites is to look at the top hosting lists for blog hosting companies. These companies …

How to Get a Free Website Creator & Free Domain Name

Where to get a Free Website Creator with Free Domain Name Where to get a free website creator with a free domain name is an easy question to answer these days. Not too long ago however, it was a totally different situation when such access was not even conceivable, and you needed programming knowledge to create and maintain your own website online. Today it is possible to get both a free website creator and a free domain name from most of our top web hosting companies. Still with that much availability, you should do your due diligence and seek out …

Comparing Premium WordPress Plugins to ‘Free’ WordPress Plugins

What is the Difference Between Premium WordPress Plugins and Free Plugins The major difference between premium WordPress plugins and free ones is the price. Premium plugins will have a cost involved that is either a one-time fee or a monthly fee. This is usually because they provide a service you cannot get in a free plugin or they are an upgrade from a free plugin with more options. Typically the premium plugins will do make something on your blog happen automatically. This could be a way to create backlinks, syndicate your content, give your posts proper SEO, or something else …

7 Tips to Help you Buy Hosting that is Fantastic

When you need to buy hosting you have to know how to find the best blog hosting, dedicated servers, FTP hosting, php hosting, or the best of any other type of hosting that is out there. This all starts with understanding what type of hosting you need and there are some ways to figure this out. You should start by researching and understanding what you are going to get if you buy hosting that is of one of the three most common types. These include shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated web hosting. These three options are offered …

Blogging Host – The Checklist for What you Need

Blogging Host for Success with Blogging Getting the right blogging host is not always easy, but it certainly is necessary. You have to get the right type of host or you may end up without the right tools or the right things to put up the best possible blog. Whether your goal is to make money or your goal is simply to put up a blog for your visitors, you have to choose the right blogging host. Blogging is something that has become highly popular and can be used to help you get the right function, right ranking, and the …

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