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20 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

blog post ideas that drive traffic

Your website might need a traffic boost for any number of reasons. One of the best tried-and-true ways to drive traffic to your website is through targeted blog posts that offer your visitors something special: Value, guides, inside information, strategy tips, or even an interesting perspective. No template will work exactly the same for every industry, so take the 20 blog post ideas we’ve outlined below and give them your own twist to appeal specifically to your visitors and audience. One of the important components of the blog post ideas below is that they are ‘evergreen content’ ideas that won’t …

How to Use Sticky Content to Make Visitors Stay on Your Website

sticky content users stay on website

Whether you’re planning to create one in the near future or have been running your own website for a while now, hopefully, you’re thinking about the amount of time visitors will spend on your website. The session length is important because your chances of converting that visitor into a customer increase exponentially the longer he or she is browsing your website. It’s clear that it’s important to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, but what are the best methods to do it? And what considerations should you keep in mind as you put those methods into …

How to Write Evergreen Content That Doesn’t Go Stale

Blog Idea

Maybe it’s the coffee, but this morning, I’ve been thinking about how much evergreen trees are like evergreen content. While the deciduous trees and shrubs around them change color and drop their leaves, evergreen trees hold fast to their much more substantial, hardier needles and leaves that are filled with a higher concentration of oils, which keep the leaves from freezing and dying like deciduous leaves do. Humor me here, but isn’t that similar to the way more substantial, hardier content stays “fresh” for a long time, while the wimpy deciduous content falls away within days or weeks? It never …

Do you Understand the Importance of Evergreen Articles?

Evergreen Articles

Evergreen Articles are really important to the success of a blog. Evergreen content is any content that is not going to become irrelevant down the road. A blog post about something going on in the news or a one-time event is going to become irrelevant once that event or story is old news while a blog post about a topic that doesn’t change much can be read when it’s first released and years down the road while still offering the same amount of value to the reader. It’s crucial to include content like this to have a success blog along …

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