How can you Find Fresh Blog Ideas Fast?

Fresh Blog IdeasBlogging is such an important job for your business. It’s important to stay relevant and pump out content to attract customers new and old. Sometimes it may be difficult to come up with new concepts when you’ve already written so much or you’re simply out of fresh ideas.

The common struggle among bloggers that want to update their blog daily or weekly can be solved with a few tips. If you’re struggling to keep up the blog because of a lack of ideas, use these tips including copying your competitors, utilizing current events and asking for ideas.

Current events

It can be handy to look at current events and find inspiration for blog posts based on them. It’s great to stay up to date on your niche and write about your thoughts, opinions or knowledge on the topics that might help your audience. When you can stay relevant, your audience will want to keep coming back to you, before anyone else, on thoughts about the latest conversation.

They’ll trust that you have the most knowledge and they don’t need to waste their time with other blogs to get the scoop. It gives you something to write about that you don’t have to overthink because it’s a simple matter of pulling the topic, researching it and writing about how it pertains to your industry. It also could trigger other ideas for future articles!

Check out the competition

Blog IdeasSometimes you can simply check out what your competition is writing about lately. You can cover the same topic without it being a fringe of copyright. All you need to do is talk about the points they missed, your view on the topic, or add a different take on the same topic. Allow it to trigger new ideas too. just make sure that you credit the original source, talk about the original article and cover it from your unique angle.

Ask around

Maybe your followers look at what you have to say every week and they have been waiting for you to cover a specific topic. It’s acceptable to ask your Twitter and Facebook followers for what they’d like to hear about. Ask your mailing list, social media followers and those that visit your site what they’d like to hear you talk about. Send out a message to everyone that you are looking for new ideas to cover the blog and ask if there is anything that people would like to hear about that hasn’t been covered yet.


BloggingPerhaps you’ve got topic ideas on the tip of your tongue but you could use some writing prompts to get your brainstorming session going. Try prompts like the following:

  • The Worst Advice Ever About ____
  • How to Solve ____ problem
  • Top 10 Examples of _____
  • I Started this Business Because ____
  • A Look at the History of ____
  • Top 5 Apps to Help you ____

Try these prompts to get your brain going and ideas falling out of your head.

You can also start making it a habit to carry around a pen and paper when you go places. Whenever an idea for a blog pops in your head or something inspires you, write it down for later. You’ll start to see things in your daily life that would be worth writing about.

Use these tips to get some fresh blog ideas fast so that you can keep your blog updated regularly with fresh content.

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