When you first log into your hosting account, you will discover cPanel. This is the administrative area of your account and it’s loaded with tools for your web project. Whether you want to create a sub-domain, install a script or use the SEO tools, you’ll find it all within the cPanel area.

ITX Design includes cPanel with every hosting account and you get all the tools you could possibly need. Understanding why cPanel works so well for webmasters and bloggers can make a big difference in your hosting decision. It’s one of the top choices for a hosting administrative area and very powerful.

Within the cPanel category, you will find posts comparing cPanel to other control panels, along with posts about other facets of cPanel. If you want to make the right hosting decision for your website, understanding why cPanel hosting is the best will help.

Most Recent cPanel Posts

cPanel License

Do you Need a cPanel License? A cPanel license is very important if you want to use cPanel as your administrative area for your hosting. However, this is usually something that comes along with your hosting package, depending on the type of hosting you choose.  Typically, you only need a cPanel license when you own the server. If you purchase a shared, VPS, reseller or dedicated hosting package, you don’t own the server. This means the hosting company will supply you with the license. What should you Expect when Purchasing a cPanel License? When you choose a cPanel license for …

cPanel Demo

Try out our cpanel demo: username: democp password: demotest!$# CPanel is one of the most popular hosting administrative dashboards and used by many large hosting companies. It comes along with many benefits, especially for beginners. This user-friendly choice provides a demo, which allows you to see what you will get before you sign up for cPanel hosting. Not only can you access the cPanel demo as a website owner, but they also provide the ability to access the demo area as a reseller administrator or a server administrator. This makes it easy to see what you will get with any …

Cheap cPanel Hosting

Should You Really Choose Cheap cPanel Hosting? CPanel hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting found on the planet. This type of hosting can come in a variety of account types and price points. Cheap cPanel hosting could be the right solution for you, but it’s important to understand what you’re getting. What is Cheap cPanel Hosting? Before moving forward with any type of hosting it’s important to define it and look at what’s provided. CPanel is the administrative area you will get with your hosting. When you choose this type of hosting, you will gain access …


How can Attracta Help You with Your Website? Attracta is a third-party software found within cPanel and used for SEO purposes. This is a newer feature within the cPanel of many hosting companies. The new bundle includes many tools used to help create better SEO, build links and gain Facebook Traffic. What is Attracta? Attracta is the largest SEO or search engine optimization service in the world. Millions of websites use Attracta and now it’s found within cPanel for anybody to use. The company started around 2009 and has become the most popular SEO choice on the planet. The only …

Using VPS cPanel Hosting with ITX Design to Build Your Company From the Ground Up

VPS cPanel Hosting for a Better Website Foundation Web hosting is one of the virtual services that are provided by many hosting companies and VPS cPanel hosting is a great choice. It is with no doubt a technology service that is provided and always needs to be well supported at all time. Many users and companies are trying to host their services online because it’s one of the leading trends. Consumers need virtual private servers and a user-friendly cpanel to ensure that they are able to upload their website, configure emails addresses, and access it from any browser. VPS cpanel …

Hsphere vs cPanel

Hsphere vs cPanel, Which One Should You Choose? The winner between Hsphere vs. cPanel is easy to spot, but it’s still necessary to look at your options. Hsphere is nearly a dead control panel and most experts will tell you it’s a horrible choice. However, sometimes it’s better to look at the research before you make your final decision. The Differences are Clear Five years ago, you may have found threads in top internet marketing and hosting forums talking about how great Hsphere is, but these threads are outdated, at best. The only reason a hosting company offers Hsphere anymore …

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