How to Easily Turn Blog Readers into Buyers

Turn Readers into BuyersIs it hard to turn your blog readers into customers? Your customer conversions, or the rate at which your blog readers are becoming paying customers, are really important to business owners that run their companies online. Your blog’s purpose is to drive traffic, get your name out there, and increase sales, so the rate at which your blog readers become buyers is crucial.

Businesses that run a blog are going to get more traffic than those who don’t because even a good amount of visitors per visitors won’t matter to a business that isn’t retaining them as customers. Your blog is what drives traffic back to hear more from you but how do you turn them into paying customers? Convert your blog readers into buyers by following a few easy tricks.

Make blog posts a way to show off your services

Your blog posts will benefit you if they show readers how you are going to help them through your product or service. That should be a big goal with your blog, to be clear to readers that you have solutions. Sometimes your readers don’t understand what you do and how you can help them, but with a great blog post, it’s easier to see why a person needs your product or service. You can make a point better by explaining on a blog post for many.

Use your blogs to explain what you do, how your services will help their life or daily tasks, what kind of results they will get, and how you are solving a problem. You can occasionally fill in blogs about industry news or something more casual and lighthearted, but making many of your blogs about showing off your services will really drive the point home. You can even talk to past customers to see if you can feature them on your blog as a “spotlight on customers” series.

Write blogs that address objections

Blog PostsSometimes people have objections to your products or services, such as price, a concern for security of their information, or it’s unclear what product they should buy. Use your blog to not only spotlight what you can do for people, but also to address these issues.

Answer objections directly where your blog posts are targeted at you buyer personas. When your audience asks questions such as “will this make sense for my personality?” or “which model is right for me?,” you can write a blog explaining the various models, who would benefit from the product, and why the expense offers a great value.

Email lists and social media

Be sure to use these two tools at your disposal. Put a call-to-action on your blog posts with a couple of social media buttons for sharing and encourage your readers to either follow you or share your posts. It’s great to have an audience that are loyal readers and want to engage others by sharing your work.

Social MediaBe sure to somehow ask your readers to buy from you so that they understand that is your goal without seeming pushy. Use your email list to stay in touch with people who aren’t ready to buy yet and to get to know your readers in order to business together. Don’t be afraid to create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers, offering seasonal products, or sharing a limited edition of a product but beware about being too pushy when offering a call-to-action.

You easily can turn your blog readers into buyers by following these steps. Sometimes, your readers just need to know why you’re selling something, which you want them to buy, and a better look at what your product or service can do for them.

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