4 Ways to Connect Content to Social Media

Content shouldn’t stand alone on your website. There should be a fluid relationship between your website, your content, and your social media presence. If you’re writing great content but aren’t promoting it properly on social media, you’re wasting your time.

Here are 4 ways to connect content to social and improve your marketing efforts.

  1. Include a mix of post topics and types

We’ve all seen companies that only seem to post promotional content. It’s like they think if they have the attention of a potential customer, they should just start rambling about what is great about their brand. Unfortunately, people don’t respond to that. It’s a self-serving thing, posting promotional content, and does not convince people that your business is great. It annoys them. Include a mix of content–some promotional, but most about topics that interest your audience, photos, industry news, etc.

2. Make it easy to like, comment, and share

Even great content gets ignored if it isn’t easy to share it or engage with it. And when you miss out on engagements, like shares or likes, you’re missing out on showing your post to more people. Social media algorithms show the most engaged-with posts to more people because it ‘senses’ that they will like it, based on how many of their friends do. Having the option to comment, like, or share a post right on your website is a great way to connect content to social.

3. Always post your latest blog content

If it’s just published and sitting on your website, very few people will see it. You have to let people know it’s here! Start with a post with the post title and link, and schedule posts later that week and the following week that go further into detail, sharing quotes, excerpts, images, statistics, infographics, and more.

4. Don’t forget about Google+

If you’re a B2C business, Google+ might not have as much luck for you. But B2B businesses have great success using Google+ to reach other business clients. The network failed as a popular social network, but seems to have found a niche in business social media, much like LinkedIn.

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