Which Premium WordPress Themes Are Most Expensive?

When you want a premium theme, you are going into the purchase knowing that you’re going to get some amazing features and designs but at premium prices. That may not be a bad thing depending on the type of needs your website has. Sometimes paying more for things is worth every penny because it makes a huge difference.

Your company may see much higher profits or get more traffic based on purchasing a WordPress theme and you may notice your customers have access to more features, such as making restaurant reservations or shopping on your eCommerce store.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, or simply want to know how much some of the premium themes can cost on WordPress, take a look at this list of the most expensive WordPress themes that go as high as $200+!



If you’re willing to spend up to $100, Bordeaux is an amazing WordPress theme that fits right in with the world of hospitality. Hotels use this one to make sure they can get all of the standard WordPress features and then some. You’ll enjoy a fully responsive theme, allowing your customers to easily look at your site right on their phone, and you’ll enjoy better SEO, great performance, and excellent speed.

The settings can be changed with the intuitive theme option panel and hotels have the ability to integrating hotel room booking through this theme. Enjoy great features like a testimonials page, photo gallery, rates for rooms, and a blog. Plus, it works well with WooCommerce and the Event Calendar.

Startup Framework


One of the most expensive themes on WordPress is the Startup Framework, a $250 theme! It’s amazing for startups, businesses looking to grow, and agencies. It’s great for the design field as it offers tons of schemes and colors to show off your brand and you’ll be able to create sharp sections to make your pages look beautiful.

You’ll get bonus features like full width pages, blocks for blog, sections for pricing tables, and sections for sliders. You’ll be able to set up calls to action easily and the whole theme is easy to modify as needed.

Carrington Build

If you want to go top of the line, you’ll want to check out the Carrington Build, a $300 theme on WordPress. This is the one for you if you need a way to create layouts using a modular templating system built on the Carrington Core theme framework.

Beginners and businesses that need to build a website will benefit because this allows easy drag and drop features for creating a great site that will give your visitors a beautiful landing page to arrive at. You’ll get to add sliders, columns, text areas, shortcodes and more.

What are some of the other expensive options?


Zealot is another one that costs over $100 and offers tons of customization options while making your website display in a storytelling format, perfect for bloggers and journalists. Fable has a magazine style for websites that want to stand out and you can have it for $120.

Imperial will run you $100 and will give you another great option for a hotel and travel business. Lastly, check out Get Noticed for a premium WordPress theme allowing you to have a straightforward way to set up your content site for bloggers that need a one-stop-shop, running you about $200.

That’s a look at the most expensive WordPress themes that, while expensive, may be what makes you that extra sale.

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