Where can you Find Fresh Ideas for Your Blog Posts?

New Blog Post IdeaIt’s time to work on that blog and you’re fresh out of ideas. Whether you haven’t updated in a few months or even a few years, you’ve probably already discussed all of your industry’s major talking points and everything your business has to offer.

What more is there to say? If you haven’t covered frequently asked questions or repeated a topic all over again with a fresh set of eyes, it might be a great place to start. It can be difficult to maintain a blog because people start to run out of ideas and lose their creative abilities after feeling burnt out. Here are a few ways to get your blog back up and running with fresh ideas.

Go through old posts and rewrite them

It is always a good idea to nix blog posts that flopped and promote the ones that seem to be readers’ favorites. When you have old posts that didn’t do so well, maybe it’s time to rewrite them. You could have a fresh take on the idea or there could have been updates in the industry on how this topic is viewed. It is a great place to start to clean up the blog, give you topic ideas, and to get the ball rolling.

What’s going on in the news?

Blog Post IdeasOnce you’ve cleaned up your old posts, you could start following your industry’s updates in the news to write about the hot topics being talked about. If you can find the right sources of updates and be one of the first ones to write about the story, you may rank higher in search rankings. Eventually, readers will realize that you are going to be a blog that has the latest news first and they’ll want to follow you for updates first. It will give you things to talk about on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

What do people always ask you about?

Do you get frequently asked questions on your website’s comments section, on social media, in your inbox, or face-to-face? It might be time to cover these questions in an explanatory blog post to help other readers get informed. You have be able to answer these questions less often when the information is out there and others may have had the same questions and didn’t know who to ask. This may be a great way to show you are an expert in the field.

Stir up the creativity

Sometimes when you step away from the computer and start living life, creativity finds you when you least expect it. Most people notice their creativity and clearest thinking moments are when they aren’t distracted, whether that’s lying in bed before you fall asleep or in the shower when there is nothing to do but cleanse. When you are distracted by lights, sounds, people and multi-tasking, you tend to lose your ability to come up with new ideas. Your freshest ideas may come on an afternoon walk through the park or enjoying a long bath.

What is the competition writing about?

Fresh Blog Post IdeasIf you’re not following your competitions’ work already, start doing so now. Look at what they are writing about to get new ideas for yourself. While you can’t copy their work, you can write about the same topics with your fresh take on the idea. You also may notice that something they write triggers your brain to think of something else you weren’t expecting to come up with. Use them as your own resources for ideas.

When you find yourself in a creative rut, use these tips to get the creative juices flowing again. Always take a pad of paper with you wherever you go because you never know when something brilliant may pop in your mind.

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