Your domain name is very important. It can make a huge difference when it comes to how your website ranks, how people find your business and whether they trust your website or not. Domains come with many different extensions and they provide online branding for your business.

Understanding things, such as domain extensions, nameservers, IP address and other parts of a domain name can make it easier to get things set up. Hosting and domain names fit perfectly together. Your hosting will act as the home for your domain name and the domain name acts as the branding for your business or personal website.

Without a domain name, nobody can find you online. The right domain can help you gain many new customers on and offline. Find out all about domain names before you register the right one for your needs. Our posts will help you understand the best way to choose a domain name to represent you project.

Most Recent Domains Posts

What Should You Do if Your Favorite Domain is Taken?

Have you run into a situation where you are trying to set up your domain and the name you wanted was already taken? You probably spent a great deal of time trying to come up with the perfect domain name for your company, just to come to find out that it was already taken by someone else. When someone owns the domain name that would be perfect for your business’s web presence, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Don’t lose hope if you find that your favorite domain name was already snatched up by someone else. Instead, …

Defining a TLD or Top Level Domain

If you’re learning about web hosting and domains for your business, you’ve probably encountered the term “top level domain” or TLD during the process. You may have wondered what this is all about and what it means for your business’s needs. Typically, you are going to already have top-level domain once you secure your webs hosting and purchase a domain, even if you aren’t familiar with what it is. Understanding more about the hierarchy of domains, the purpose of TLD’s, and the most common domain extensions will make everything a little clearer. Here is a look at the definition of …

Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Domain Name Choices

When you want to start a website or blog, you need to choose a domain name. This is a bit like choosing the name of your website, but there’s more that goes into it. After choosing your domain name, you will be able to register it (if the name you’ve chosen is available) and start uploading content. At this point, it’s very difficult to change your domain name and can cause all kinds of branding issues if you try to change it. It’s best to choose the right domain name from the beginning. Below, we are going to cover what …

What Should Be On My Homepage?

Wondering what information and site elements should be on your homepage? How about what a perfectly designed homepage looks like? This post will walk you through the important elements and information you need to include on the homepage of your website to make it a more efficient tool for converting visitors to customers. What should be on my homepage? The pertinent information It might be a bad tactic for dating, hunting, or being sneaky, but on your website, you need to make the important information completely obvious to your visitors. They should never have to hunt for what they need. …

What Should you Know About Domain Privacy?

Domain Name Privacy

Are you familiar with domain privacy? When you sign up with web hosting or update your current web hosting plan, you have to consider your domain security. Domain privacy is really popular with web hosting companies and website owners and has become an add-on feature that can cost more each year. Is it worth it add domain privacy, also refer to as WHOIS privacy or WHOIS guard? Here is a look at what you need to know about domain privacy to decide what measures are important for you to take. What exactly is domain privacy? It’s important to first understand …

How can you Keep Domain Name Info Private?

Domain Info Private

If you are worried about maintain your domain name’s privacy, you may need to take a few steps to ensure your protection. While everyone is talking about their worry of being hacked, spammed, or even dealing with identity theft, it’s time to take proactive steps to avoid this happening to you. While you’re on the subject of enhancing your security and protecting your privacy, take action with these steps to keep your domain name information private. Taking a look at WHOIS WHOIS is a term that refers to a query that a user can submit in search of specific information …

How to Choose the Right Domain for You and Your Business

Domains for Business

Choosing your domain is a decision you should make very carefully. Selecting the right one for your business can mean the difference between being found on search rankings or not, being remembered, and being easy to find by your customers. Having a great domain can mean that you’ll have a great results for your sales while a bad choice can make your site lost out there on the web. You need to focus on a few factors such as keywords, your location, being memorable, and being easy to find. When your customers try to search for you online, what is …

Do you Know how GoDaddy Makes Money?

GoDaddy Nascar

If you’ve always wondered how GoDaddy really works and makes a profit, it’s actually pretty simple. Many newbies to the online business world have probably encountered GoDaddy, if not simply from their Super Bowl and NASCAR commercials, then from searching for options for making a domain. GoDaddy is the popular place to go for those that need to take out a domain and make a website for their company. Being the leader in domain registration services, you may think that’s all they do to make their money. They actually do quite more and it’s obvious by their 2014 filing for …

How to Use a Domain Checker Before Registering your Domain Name

Domain Checker Before you pay the money and register your new domain name, you will need to use a domain checker. This is a tool that allows any user to see if the domain they want is available for purchase. All the major domain registrars have one built in and it works much like a search engine for domains. What will a Domain Checker do for You? When you’re ready to register a domain name, you may have a specific choice in mind. However, when you use the domain checker, you find out its not available for purchase. This presents …

What is Domain Privacy Protection

What is Domain Privacy Protection and do You Need it? When you register a domain name, you will be given the option to buy privacy for that domain name. If you decide domain privacy protection is important to you, the WHOIS information will be replaced with a forwarding service, such as Domains by Proxy, Inc. Domain privacy protection is used to protect your personal information. Without it, you’re WHOIS information will include your name or company name, email, telephone number, address and other details you give to the domain registrar. Why Would You Want to Use Domain Privacy Protection? The …

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