Can you Easily Add Icon Fonts within Your WordPress Theme?

Add Icon Fonts to WordPressHave you tried to add icon fonts in your WordPress theme? It’s really easy to do if you haven’t tried it yet. As long as you know how to do it, it’s really easy to add to your theme. Your new icon fonts will allow you to add vector icons and they won’t even slow down your website. Here is a look at how to easily add these icon fonts to your WordPress theme.

A look at Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are pictograms or symbols that are used in the place of letters and numbers. They are resizable and won’t hurt your page’s download size. You may see an icon font as a symbol such as a music note, telephone, or camera. These commonly used symbols can be used for your shopping cart, your feature boxes, your sliders, or your navigation menus. You can get hundreds of them to choose from for free as WordPress’s installation already includes a set of dashicons.


You can get a great load of options from FontAwesome which are supported by WordPress plugins. Plugins make it easy to add icons to font in any WordPress theme without changing the code. Just install Better Font Awesome plugin, go to your settings to configure your plugin settings, and then you can add font icons using shortcodes or selecting it in post editor.

Adding them manually

Icon FontsYou can add icon fonts to your site just like you would a custom font. You can link them from your WordPress theme directly or upload the font directory to a folder in your theme and use them in your stylesheet.

The first method is the easiest option which allows you to add a single line of code in your theme’s header: .php file just before your </head> tag. You could simply load stylesheets or scripts in WordPress to ensure you don’t have conflicts with other plugins.

The other method is to download the icon fonts and unzip the package, connect to your website using a FTP client, and go to the directory of the WordPress theme. Create a new folder, uploading the contents of the icon fonts folder and then you can simply add code to your theme’s functions or plugin.

Use this guide to easily add icon fonts to your WordPress theme and you’ll find it makes navigating a bit easier for you and your visitors.

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