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The Big List of Blog Post Ideas [64 Post Ideas]

big list of blog post ideas

Running a blog long-term leaves you with writer’s block a lot. It’s not always easy to come up with interesting blog post ideas that haven’t been “done to death” and will appeal to your readers. In a stroke of creative genius, we came up with 64 blog post ideas that can be returned to again and again for fresh, interesting content on your blog (actually, we consulted a ton of other big lists, picked the very best topics, and put our own spin on them). We’re not going to waste a lot of time explaining why you need interesting, readable …

The Recommended Times to Post on Social Media

Running the social media channels for your business or blog? You’re likely using a scheduling program’s optimized posting time suggestions or assumptions like “post at lunchtime” to schedule your posts, but that’s not netting you the results you’re looking for. People tend to use social media in predictable patterns throughout the day, and a lot of research has gone into finding the best times to post on social media – no matter who your audience is. Without spending a dime on expensive research or trial and error, schedule your posts at the times you’ll see below to get the most …

How to Write Copy That Converts

how to write copy that converts

Writing copy to effectively support and promote your business is a challenge. Everyone responds to the written word differently, so phrases and words that appeal to some may not appeal to others. The tone of your copy is an important factor of that way customers perceive and respond to your brand. Professional, informative copy attracts different customers and users than informal, funny copy. So how do you strike the right balance and write copy that converts? How to Write Copy That Converts Consider the channel Your copy should differ based on the channel it’s going to be presented on. Social …

Writing Too Much About This Topic Will Devastate Your Blog

blog topics

Running a blog for your business? That’s great! It means you understand the necessity of providing good, original content for your visitors, viewers, and customers. But not every topic deserves to be featured often on your blog. One of the worst mistakes we see business bloggers making is writing too much self-promotional content for their blog. Why is this a mistake? Promotional content about your business is self-serving. It doesn’t answer your customers’ questions (not counting FAQ posts, of course)–it just ‘promotes’ your business, attempts to sell your product, and features a lot of “we/our” language. For example, a promotional …

20 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

blog post ideas that drive traffic

Your website might need a traffic boost for any number of reasons. One of the best tried-and-true ways to drive traffic to your website is through targeted blog posts that offer your visitors something special: Value, guides, inside information, strategy tips, or even an interesting perspective. No template will work exactly the same for every industry, so take the 20 blog post ideas we’ve outlined below and give them your own twist to appeal specifically to your visitors and audience. One of the important components of the blog post ideas below is that they are ‘evergreen content’ ideas that won’t …

Repurposing Your Blog Posts Into Fresh Content

When you’ve spent time crafting “evergreen content”–content that is as relevant today as the day it was written–it’s painful to see it wither away in your blog, unnoticed. Don’t let that happen! When your content starts to seem stale, it’s time to repurpose it into something great. Take your old blog posts, shine them up, and send them out in any of these 5 ways. Write a sequel blog post If the first post did well, try doing a Part 2. When your audience is interested in a blog post, you need to find out what was interesting about that …

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