SEO is one of the most powerful marketing strategies online today. Getting the right optimization set up for your website makes a huge difference. It can be as simple as using the right type of content and placing it on your website and blog correctly. However, SEO can be far more involved than just content.

If you plan to use SEO as a marketing strategy, you will need to understand what makes this strategy work. It’s all about gaining first page ranking and moving up to the top of that first page on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This may sound simple enough, but it takes the right strategy.

Our SEO blog posts tackle some of the toughest subjects and we always provide up-to-date information in the ever-changing SEO world. Using SEO can be very powerful, but you must understand how it works before you start trying to drive traffic from search results. Use our blog posts in this category to help you understand how SEO works better.

Most Recent SEO Posts

Why Does Quality Hosting Matter for SEO?

You can easily get caught up in how your website looks. While the design is important, you cannot only focus on the look of your site. The SEO and the hosting also matter and they are tied together. Design will make things look good, but the right hosting will make a bigger difference in whether you get seen. In addition, the SEO matters when it comes to getting people to see your website. SEO includes linking, content and many other things. It also includes quality hosting. Here’s what you should know about web hosting when considering SEO for your website. …

Top 6 Tips for SEO for New Bloggers

As a blogger, you may not look at SEO as the most important part of what you do. However, getting traffic depends on SEO, to an extent. It’s necessary to pay attention to the SEO of your blog, if you want to rank well on search engines. SEO is known as search engine optimization and it involves specific techniques within the content and the design of your website. Here’s a look at six of the top tips bloggers can use for better SEO. Start With Keyword Research While keywords are not used the same way they used to be used, …

Proper Way to Optimize Images for SEO

Gaining better SEO from your blog or website requires properly optimized images. This is one of the easiest ways for many website owners to rank better without spending a ton of money on SEO. Here are some of the SEO basics you should be using and how to better optimize your images. Basics of SEO Before we get into image optimization, let’s go over a few basics of SEO: Choosing a Domain Name – Make sure it’s relevant to your website/business and easy to remember. Get a .com, if possible, but many other extensions will also work well. Page and …

How do Subdomains Affect SEO?

Subdomains are rather popular, but you may be wondering why a company would use one. Maybe you don’t understand the benefits and you’re curious to know if it could help you. A subdomain is also known as a third-level domain. It’s a part of the top-level domain and an example is Here’s a look at how subdomains affect SEO and some of the most common usages. Using Subdomains for SEO There are several ways you can boost your SEO with subdomains. They can help to create a unique authority for your website and provide benefits, such as: Inserting Keywords …

How Meta Tags Boost SEO and Online Visibility

Metadata is literally “data about data.” Meta tags give information about the data on your website to search engines so they know when to show users your website in results. Metadata gives details about your website as a whole and is a key factor in the way search engines rank your website. Information on your website is “crawled” by search engine bots or spiders, where it can then be indexed by the search engine and placed in a library of sorts. Next time someone enters a search query that is related to your metadata, the search engines return the best …

Link Building Dos and Don’ts for Better SEO

Getting the search engines to list you high in the results may lead to a ton of new traffic for your website. However, it’s not as simple as it might seem to get your site listed high in the rankings. Google and other search engines use a number of different criteria to rank websites. From keyword use to incoming links to mobile friendliness, there are several things they take into consideration. One of the most important factors is how often your site has been linked to by other sites. Whether major companies are linking to you or smaller companies, this …

How to Use Sticky Content to Make Visitors Stay on Your Website

sticky content users stay on website

Whether you’re planning to create one in the near future or have been running your own website for a while now, hopefully, you’re thinking about the amount of time visitors will spend on your website. The session length is important because your chances of converting that visitor into a customer increase exponentially the longer he or she is browsing your website. It’s clear that it’s important to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, but what are the best methods to do it? And what considerations should you keep in mind as you put those methods into …

How to Write Evergreen Content That Doesn’t Go Stale

Blog Idea

Maybe it’s the coffee, but this morning, I’ve been thinking about how much evergreen trees are like evergreen content. While the deciduous trees and shrubs around them change color and drop their leaves, evergreen trees hold fast to their much more substantial, hardier needles and leaves that are filled with a higher concentration of oils, which keep the leaves from freezing and dying like deciduous leaves do. Humor me here, but isn’t that similar to the way more substantial, hardier content stays “fresh” for a long time, while the wimpy deciduous content falls away within days or weeks? It never …

Will Using LSI Keywords Rank your Content Faster?

LSI Keyword Phrases

While there once was a time when you tried to throw in as many keywords into your website’s content as possible to make it higher in search rankings, it’s no longer appropriate. In fact, that is now referred to as keyword stuffing and it makes company’s content look awkward and unnatural. Search engines may even flag your site and penalize you for this practice. Your readers won’t enjoy reading it and it will be obvious that you stuffed it with the same keywords over and over again. Think of it this way; Google wants to reward their content providers by …

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