Top Free and Responsive WordPress Plugins for Sliders

Are you looking for the perfect WordPress plugin to get a responsive slider on your site? The good news is that there are some excellent free options to choose from. The bad news is that you’ll have a ton of great options to narrow down. Adding a slider is a wise decision seeing that they are insanely popular and people are starting to expect them.

Your biggest challenge will be finding one that’s easy to set up and not too hard to understand. Check out this list of some of the most popular free sliders plugins for WordPress that will allow you to display multiple images, videos, and content on your website. These have been around for a while and have proven to be reliable and popular choices for your slider plugin needs.

Huge-IT Slider

Huge-IT Slider

Check out Huge-IT Slider where you’ll have a ton of features and a straight-forward setup. It has over 100,000 active installs because it’s been slowly licking the ranks for one of the most popular choices. You’ll find there is excellent support and user friendly admin. You’ll have a fully responsive plugin with unlimited sliders and even a widget slider.

Plus, you’ll have the options of YouTube, Vimeo, and Post sliders. You won’t be restricted with too many images, you can mix and match videos with posts or images, and you’ll be able to customize everything from the look to the colors.

Meta Slider

Meta Slider

Probably the most popular plugin is going to be Meta Slider who has taken the top spot for the last few years. Enjoy the jQuery sliders with their own effects, choose from light or dark options, and decide if you want to display navigation buttons. Plus, you can upgrade to go pro for just $19 per year if you want even more options.

Soliloquy Lite


It’s hard to beat this simple set-up plugin called Soliloquy Lite. This responsive WordPress slider allows you to configure the look and feel, add your own custom CSS, and enjoy even more premium features if you choose the pro version.

Other great options

Cyclone Slider 2

Check out Cyclone Slider 2 for another great, simply option that offers more internationalized options than most. Master Slider is the choice for many that like a pretty, simple, and fun plugin option featuring drag and drop for your images and probably the least intrusive when it comes to ads interfering with your site. Slider WD is the choice for many that want tons and tons of options. Meteor Slides is the way to go for a plugin that offers more of a basic package giving you the ability to keep it simple and get the job done.

Check out these seven picks for free and responsive WordPress plugins that will give you the sliders you need.

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