4 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

integrate social media websiteA strong social media presence doesn’t mean much if it’s not driving traffic to your website, and your website won’t accomplish much if you’re not promoting your content on social media. Social media and websites like yours need each other to survive. To get the most engagement and visibility, you need to integrate your social media accounts into your website. Here are 4 ways you can do it.

4 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

1. Social logins

This is a big one, so listen up: 73% of users are more likely to sign up or register with a website using social logins as opposed to creating a new account using an email address and password. That’s nearly three quarters! You need to use social logins to allow your visitors to quickly and painlessly sign up for an account.

You’re removing a barrier that might normally stop them from signing up, and depending on the social login service you use, you’ll be able to collect a ton of extra data about your registrants because you’ll be able to see the information on their social media profile instead of just the information they type in at the time of registration.

2. Social ‘proof’

Social proof is powerful, so use it on your website to show new visitors that either a) Lots of their friends on social media already Like or use your product or b) Lots of people on social media apparently Like and use your product.

Your visitors love seeing that people they know and trust use your product, and they’re even impressed by simply seeing how many people they don’t know already like and use your product. Installing a widget that shows social proof, such as your fans on Facebook or Twitter, will boost your conversions.

3. Share and follow

integrate social media websiteIf you don’t have share and follow buttons on your website and blog, you need to change that right now! This is the only way to ensure your readers and visitors will share the content they like or products they’re interested in.

If you don’t make sharing easy, your potential customer is not likely to go out of their way to copy the link to the page, go to the social network of choice, create a post about it, and share it with their friends. However, they are likely to quickly hit Share or Follow after reading a good post from your blog, so make sure the buttons are available to them!

4. Sync your accounts

It’s a nice touch to show your latest posts on a given account, like Twitter or Instagram, somewhere on the sidebar or footer of your website. It works in 3 ways: It shows your visitors that you’re active on social media, is another way to promote your social content, and gives them a reason to click over to your page and Like or Follow you.

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