The Recommended Times to Post on Social Media

recommended times to post on social mediaRunning the social media channels for your business or blog? You’re likely using a scheduling program’s optimized posting time suggestions or assumptions like “post at lunchtime” to schedule your posts, but that’s not netting you the results you’re looking for.

People tend to use social media in predictable patterns throughout the day, and a lot of research has gone into finding the best times to post on social media – no matter who your audience is.

Without spending a dime on expensive research or trial and error, schedule your posts at the times you’ll see below to get the most out of your social media presence.

Recommended times to post on social media

Post at these times to have the best success and engagement on your social media networks.

Social NetworkBest Time
Twitter12pm-3pm; 5pm


When your posts are scheduled at the times listed in this table, you ensure that a majority of people are online to see your content and engage with your brand.

The infomercial effect

Sometimes, posting times that seem obvious at first turn out to be a bad idea. For example, you’ll notice that the morning hours of 9am-11am are only recommended as a posting time for Google+ and none of the other networks. But if you check out Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram during those hours, there are tons of posts going up! Wouldn’t that be a great time to post to those networks?

No. Sometimes it’s wiser to learn from the informercial effect – if your content is part of a much smaller group of just-posted content, it has a better chance of being seen by your audience. This is a lot like the late night infomercials that somehow pull us in.

It’s because they’re the only thing on TV right then that we even decide to give it our attention. That benefit can work for you if you make sure to post in “low traffic” posting zones.

Want to know how you’re doing on social? Check out this 4 step litmus test for your social media content to find out!

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