How can you Create a Better Bond Between Your Social Media and Your Website?

BondDo you feel that your website and social media page don’t seem to be in sync? Unfortunately if they are not, this can be a huge problem. They really need to be connected well because that is the best way to grow your audience, be effective in reaching more people and developing a stronger customer loyalty. Why would social media matter when you already have a great website?

Well, your website is the basis for your company’s online presence featuring your contact information, your “about” section, pricing information and your logo but your social media pages are for engaging with customers and drawing them to your website.

Being able to find your contact details is only a small part of the equation when it comes to your internet presence; you need a way to get people talking about you, talking to you and wanting to visit your website and that is where social media plays its part. Having a great bond between the two platforms is vital to a successful online presence and here is a further look into why.

What your website is used for

WebsiteAs mentioned, your website is crucial for your business because people want to find you online. they want your address, your phone number, and a contact form to ask questions. They want a customer service department online that they can reach out to when they aren’t happy.

They want to see pictures of your office, staff or product and they want to get familiar with your logo and tone. When you don’t have a website, people are forced to stop in, dig for your phone number or look to see if you’ve created a social media page and many people just won’t put that much effort in.

Instead, having a great website will not only provide all of this information, but it will give you a professional image. In addition to having all of these basics on your website, you need to create a blog that you keep up with regularly or pay someone to write. Keep it relevant to your business, to the news or to the industry so that your customers can see that you are an expert in the industry. They need tips, advice and the latest updates in the field and they need a great source to find all of this.

Why do I need social media then?

Social MediaWhat better way to attract your audience to the website than to feature your blog on your social media? Promote your blog and your website on your social media page so that everyone has an easy way to find it. If you attract the right person to your blog, they are likely to share it with their friends which allows others to see a blog they may have never seen otherwise.

You should need a social media presence because it’s a huge way that customers want to engage with companies. They want a simple way to complain, compliment you or ask questions about your services or products.

With social media, they can reach out in the simplest way for them and when you respond with helpful advice or a solution, your other customers will be impressed at your attitude to help your customers. They will be more excited to work with you once they’ve seen how well you handle your customers and how much of an expert in your field you are with your blog.

Make sure your social media page and website match with the same name, profile picture, logo, tone and colors. This helps your customers easily match up the website with the social media pages and allows them to follow your website’s blog and follow your social media page for the latest news.

Make sure your website and blog have buttons that link to your social media page which is easy to do through WordPress plugins. Make the buttons match the brand and add an RSS feed to your home page. The goal is to make your content be a bridge between your website and social media page.

Use these tips to develop better relationships between your social media nd website and watch how your new Facebook or Twitter pages and professional website increase your customer loyalty, increase your target audience connectivity and ultimately increase sales.

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