Can Wikipedia Links Help you Build More Blog Traffic?

Wikipedia MarketingBusiness owners are always hoping to get mentioned or linked on Wikipedia because it drives traffic and makes you appear as an expert on the industry. Since Wikipedia is known to have thoroughly researched information, it’s important to business owners to make it to Wikipedia. Any topic on the site is going to have relevant information that people want and need.

If readers find a person or company mentioned or linked on the site, they are already going to have a great impression on this person, want to hear more from them, and want to check out their website for more information. Conversion rates are going to be great with your targeted audience compared to someone who just comes across your website by chance. Check out how Wikipedia links are helping build more traffic.

Why should I focus on Wikipedia?

WikipediaWikipedia is a great place to focus your attention as a business owner because the site gets massive amounts of traffic and makes it easy for you to build your own blog traffic. Links from the site are trusted by Google which means the backlink will be of value to your search engine ranking.

In addition to ranking higher on Google driving traffic, you’ll get traffic directly from Wikipedia making it a double whammy. In fact, the site is the sixth most visited on the web!

The site sees about 100 million unique visitors in one month. It may be for this reason that Google’s ever-changing algorithm doesn’t tend to affect Wikipedia. It’s almost treated as a universal brand by Google where it’s always going to be ranked high and that’s not going to change.

If you search something, typically Wikipedia will come out as number two for that keyword or short phrase. This makes it another reason that you want your business mentioned or linked to on the site.

How to get involved on Wikipedia

Anyone can edit on Wikipedia and add a link to a page, so it’s automatically a hot spot for web traffic. The problem is you can’t just add a link whenever you want and hope that those 97+ million visitors will check out your site; the site’s pages are closely monitored by passionate volunteers and will remove spam.

You can still get involved by offering valuable content that would be worth linking to and would be beneficial to a Wikipedia page. It would have to be content related to the topic of course.

Wikipedia InvolvementYou can also try a few other methods, such as becoming an editor yourself. Start talking to editors and add links that aren’t yours but would be seen as valuable. Then, start making an impact on the site by visiting pages you are educated in so that you can edit and add things that will benefit the site.

You’ll start gaining a reputation as helpful to the site so that you may get the privilege of adding your own links at some point. A fellow editor would have to see value in your article to add the links for you. Building relationships to get you linked is the easiest way to get mentioned on Wiki pages.

You can technically buy links but it could get you permanently banned, and some people take advantage of dead link building. A dead link would be a broken link that is inactive. If you were to check out the dead links on the Wikipedia page listing them and then use sites like Wayback Machine to find what the topic was originally about, you could write something similar but even better and get yourself linked back to. It’s a great way to update the site with fresh content, replace something that is now gone, and get yourself noticed. Replace a dead link with your new article’s link and you’ll be on the site in no time.

If you’ve decide that Wikipedia is the obvious way to get your business noticed, use these tips to get yourself mentioned or linked to. It’s easy to do by building relationships and doing a little homework.

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