Why Most People Don’t Like Social Media Promotions and How You can Make Yours Better

Better Social Media PromotionsHave you considered the fact that most people can’t stand social media promotions? Why do people hate it? When you find it a good way to promote yourself, it feels like you’re stuck between a rock and hard place. You don’t want potential customers to loathe your social media promotions while you don’t want to miss out on the promotional opportunity.

Most people sign up for sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with old friends or have an easier way to send new pictures of your family to relatives, so when people start seeing advertisement, it gets really frustrating and deters them from using the platform. Here is a look at why people don’t care for social media promotions and what you can do to make yours better.

How do we know people dislike social media advertising?

Studies are showing that when people sign up for communications with a company, less than 5% of them want to see promotions from the company on Facebook and only 1% want them on Twitter. Part of this is because a majority of people would prefer promotions be done through email.

Social Media PromoA company has no choice but to focus on good social media promotional decisions. Irritating your audience will deter them from even purchasing your product or service. The good news is that if you can find ways to make a social media business page and make it seem personable by having a real person with personality updating it, it can make your audience find your company your relatable and you’ll be able to reach more people.

Companies like BufferApp.com and Huffington Post have already put this into action. For example, BufferApp.com actually runs a #BufferChat weekly chat to engage readers by having executives in the company talk on Twitter where a following can ask questions and interact. Huffington Post will share interesting content and images, typically by posting a large, intriguing photograph with an engaging headline and it’s caused them to gain a following of over 3,000,000 on Facebook.

How to strategize better and promote successfully

You can use social media better by making it a place to build your email list and only promote interesting content. Using email for promotional material is a safer bet because social media is better utilized as a way to convert leads into subscribers. Offer special content that is only available for free via email registration. You can also start using bloggers to promote your brand.

If social media is not the place to promote and it’s really a place to connect, use this information to your benefit. For example, don’t do what the self-promoting sites are doing; engage your audience in more effective ways.

Social Media PromotionsFor every five posts of content that you share with your audience that’s not your work (i.e. images or funny quotes), three posts should be unique content from your company that isn’t working to sell your product like personal greetings, facts, or interesting insights and two posts should by simply personal and unrelated to your company, such as news of the birth of your child.

Another formula you could try is to make 60% of your content gathered from other sources such as the news and interesting quotes, making 30% of your content created by you, and 10% of your content being promotional in which you ask for subscriptions to the newsletter or other calls to action.

When you know your audience doesn’t want to see promotional material on social media, use this information to better utilize social media as a change to engage and reach customers in other ways.

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