5 Common Misconceptions About Blogging for Your Business

common misconceptions about bloggingYour business has set up a great website, but how much attention have you given your business blog? Blogging is an efficient way to create content that can be seen by your target audience and result in conversions.

But there are a lot of common misconceptions about blogging that, if followed, will run your blog into the ground and harm your business’ online reputation. You want to avoid making these blogging mistakes to ensure your brand is considered relevant, useful, and up-to-date.

Here are 5 common misconceptions about blogging for your business.

(1) A business blog is purely for promotion.

No, no, no. A million times no! Your business blog is not a place for company promotion (and if it is, it needs to be in very small doses). A business blog should be focused on providing useful, valuable content to your customers and visitors.

Any time a blog is used solely for company promotion, that becomes obvious to the reader–and guess what? It turns them off and causes them to leave your website. Your customer thinks like this: “What’s in it for me?” If your content is purely self-serving (i.e., promotional), your customer thinks they’re getting nothing out of it–and they’re right.

(2) You either manage a blog or social media.

You shouldn’t be without either. Your blog and social media channels can have wonderful synergy if you use them correctly! After you publish a post on your blog, how do you promote it? Social media should be your first stop.

Tip: Don’t just share the title of the post and a link to it. Include an interesting quote or statistic from the post and share the link that way. You’ll get more engagement and let readers know what kind of information they’re in for if they read your post.

(3) The CEO should write the blog posts.

Should the CEO write some of your blog posts? Sure, if (s)he is a strong writer. But should the CEO handle the monumental task of running a successful business blog on his or her own? Absolutely not.

It’s best to have a dedicated writer on your team to write your blog posts and ensure the posts are written in the same voice, style, and tone. Blogging is very important for a business, but it’s a specialized task and one that the CEO need not handle alone.

(4) Just start writing, and the blog will come together.

misconceptions about bloggingPlease don’t do this. If you ‘just start writing,’ you don’t have a content plan or strategy in place. You aren’t focusing on the right keywords, and you may not be writing for your target audience.

The worst thing about this type of ‘blog experiment’ is that it’s publicly available online for everyone to see–and if you’re writing about topics that aren’t interesting or right for your audience, your reputation is suffering. Don’t start writing or posting until you have a clear plan of action and know what your 30 day plan is.

(5) Blogging is easy.

Blogging is far from easy, and the sooner you understand that, the easier your blogging journey will be. Coming up with great topics to write about is difficult. Writing about those topics in interesting ways is difficult. Promoting the blog posts is difficult. Plugging away, writing posts day after day, is difficult. Finding the right voice, tone, and writing style for your audience is difficult. Don’t put blogging off on an inexperienced intern and expect great results.

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