Should a Startup Small Business Outsource Blogging Tasks?

Blog OutsourcingWhen you have a small startup with a blog, should you outsource your blogging tasks so that you can focus on more important tasks? It’s hard to keep boundaries between your personal life and business, especially when business starts to grow.

Most startup businesses can’t find a work-life balance and end up working long hours every day thinking that it’s the only way to be successful. The low salary and the long hours may seem worth it knowing that you are living your dream and building a successful company but when you are working on so many things, who has time to keep up the blogging tasks?

Outsourcing may be where your head’s at, especially when you already have help with accounting, HR and other tasks but your startup’s blog needs to be done really well. Here are the pros and cons of outsourcing this part of business.

Why would you consider outsourcing the blog?

OutsourcingBuilding a blog is time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have a bunch of other tasks to do. In the end, it may not turn out quite how you hoped if you do it yourself between everything else. It’s not free to do it yourself because you are costing yourself in time to start it.

When time equals money right now, you really need to consider if your time is worth having a free blog or if your time could help you in other areas while you pay to have your blog done well by someone else. Would you rather have more time in the day to handle other areas of business or would you rather not worry about the quality by squeezing in another task that you’re too busy for?

Keep in mind that having more hours put into your business a week is not actually going to heed more results; studies show that working 50-70 hours per week will cost you in productivity.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Blog

Your blog should absolutely be a part of your startup plan but it’s important to consider who should be handling it. It’s not only a way for you to connect and communicate with customers, but it attracts people to your brand and can boost your website’s SEO.

Outsourcing this could save you time, allow someone with more expertise to handle the task and save you in the mental energy of creating one. While you may be capable of starting one seeing that you’re already multi-talented, do you really have the time, energy and focus to put your best foot forward?

Outsourcing to the right person will allow for a professional to handle it, utilize their skills and experience to make it great and they will be able to reach your target audience by knowing what topics to cover and how to craft headlines that will suck in your audience.

The Downside to Outsourcing

Outsource Blog TasksThere are some great perks to outsourcing your blog but have you considered the downfalls? It may be hard to find the right person to outsource the job, which is essential to having a successful blog. You’ll need to find someone with the right skills and experience to build the blog, someone who is passionate about your startup and wants to help you succeed otherwise the motivation to make a successful blog may not be there and it has to be someone whose work style is a good fit for you.

There will be a learning curve for someone you hire and you risk that they aren’t as into the business as you’d like them to be. Finally, you have to consider what they will cost to do the work since good writers don’t come cheap. Consider if your brand already has an established voice that your customers are used to or if the change in brand voice won’t affect much.

When deciding if you should outsource your blog, ask yourself if you can fit the project on your plate, if you have the right experience and if your writing skills are adequate or if it would be better to bring someone in. Then ask yourself if their voice and personality is a good fit for your blog, if you can afford them and if you can handle delegating. Consider all of these scenarios when deciding how to handle your startup’s blog.

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