What are the Biggest “Must Do” Myths about Blogging?

Blogging MythsThere are some myths you may believe about blogging that need to be debunked. If you believe that you are supposed to write only about what you know, only about your passions, and to tell your own story, you’d be surprised to find out that’s not true. While it’s good to do these things somewhat, it’s important to be more educational than passionate, to discover topics that are foreign to you, and to keep your story concise. Here is a look at some more “must do” myths about blogging and the truth behind what you should be doing.

Profanity is considered edgy

ProfanityWhile profanity might make you seem edgy, you are bound to lose readers. People can feel offended or simply annoyed by profanity. Brands won’t work with you if they feel their customers will be offended, especially in the child or family field. Instead, use profanity in context such as discussing a TV show that uses it. Make sure you’re only using it sparingly and consider finding tactics to be edgy without using the profanity.

You can only write what you know

You can actually use your blog to stretch your skills and learn about new topics. Write about topics foreign to you and you’ll end up learning something yourself. The goal is to write about topics that are needed whether they are interesting and comfortable or not. You should weave some passion into your work but every blog should not be directed as a call-to-action or full of strong emotion. Balance these with useful content and the occasional passionate piece.

Ending it in a question

If you believed that you have to end your blog post with a question in order to gain comments, you don’t have to do this. Nowadays, people take the conversation to social media to gain traffic to the blog. Comments aren’t the way to build conversation and people recognize a gimmick when they see a blog ending in a question.

It must be a certain length

Blogging LengthAnother myth is that it should be a certain length and follow a certain SEO pattern. In reality, SEO word count is always changing. Make your posts as long as they need to be to make the point and make every word count, leaving out boring details and still being descriptive.

These are a few of the biggest myths people think you must do in order to have a successful blog that are simply untrue.

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