Writing Too Much About This Topic Will Devastate Your Blog

blog topicsRunning a blog for your business? That’s great! It means you understand the necessity of providing good, original content for your visitors, viewers, and customers. But not every topic deserves to be featured often on your blog.

One of the worst mistakes we see business bloggers making is writing too much self-promotional content for their blog.

Why is this a mistake?

Promotional content about your business is self-serving. It doesn’t answer your customers’ questions (not counting FAQ posts, of course)–it just ‘promotes’ your business, attempts to sell your product, and features a lot of “we/our” language.

For example, a promotional blog post might sound like this:

“Here at Wonder, Inc., we focus on giving our customers the best value for their money. We have state-of-the-art equipment to offer our users…”

As soon as you begin reading something written like this, it becomes clear that the content is meant for promotion, not giving information.

But what’s the problem with that? It’s your website, your business, your blog. What’s wrong with writing good stuff about your business all the time?

The issue is that customers and visitors do not come to your website looking for promotional content. They don’t want it! They come in search of information or answers to their questions–posts that seem to be written for them, not to them. Posts that provide some type of value for them.

And when they see that your last 12 blog posts have titles like “Why You Should Choose Our Company for X Service,” they get discouraged and realize they won’t be finding unbiased, accurate information on your blog. They distrust your content because they know its purpose is just to promote your business, not inform. And that could be the death of your blog.

But what if you’ve just released a new product or feature? What if there’s big news at your business? Does this mean you shouldn’t talk about it on your blog?

Absolutely not. It’s perfectly fine to write blog posts about your company when you think it will be relevant and interesting to your readers. Press releases are a great way to release pertinent information about your business without jamming your blog with promotional content, but as long as you place some type of limit on yourself for “about the company” blogging, like once a month, you’ll be fine.

So, it’s wise to put a cap on the amount of self-serving promotional blog posts you’ll allow on your blog each month. This will help you ensure your content is targeted, rich, and interesting to your visitors.

Have any tips for blogging for your business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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