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DIY Your Blog vs. Outsourcing to VAs, Writers and Others

As a small business owner, running your business, your website and your blog can become overwhelming very fast. Not everybody is great at writing content or designing everything necessary for a successful blog. Even though it may be less expensive to work on your blog yourself, it may take up more of your time and you may not be an expert at everything necessary. Saving money by cutting corners isn’t always going to really save you in the long run. You can take advantage of the blogging opportunity without spending your entire day trying to come up with fresh content. …

Writing Too Much About This Topic Will Devastate Your Blog

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Running a blog for your business? That’s great! It means you understand the necessity of providing good, original content for your visitors, viewers, and customers. But not every topic deserves to be featured often on your blog. One of the worst mistakes we see business bloggers making is writing too much self-promotional content for their blog. Why is this a mistake? Promotional content about your business is self-serving. It doesn’t answer your customers’ questions (not counting FAQ posts, of course)–it just ‘promotes’ your business, attempts to sell your product, and features a lot of “we/our” language. For example, a promotional …

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