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Press Releaase SitesPress releases are a very powerful way to get the word out about your website, company, specials, new staff members or other news. However, even a well-written press release doesn’t have much power if it’s not distributed to the right audience.

Choosing a Press Release Distribution Website

The right PR distribution site has to be able to give you a large amount of power. The site should meet a few qualifications including:

  • A Google Page Rank of 4 or higher – Anything lower than a PR of 4 shows the site doesn’t have much credibility.
  • Doesn’t use the NoFollow Tags – When the nofollow tag is used, your press release won’t provide as much of a benefit as you need.
  • Allows Search Engine Optimization – You should be able to use header tags, anchor text, tagging and other SEO techniques with your press release.

Finding PR distribution sites that fit this criteria isn’t impossible. Here are some of the best free choices for distribution of your press release.

Top Ten Free Press Release Distribution Websites

Announcing Big News

  1. – This website has a PR of 5 and provides plenty of power. You can place banners on the press release to lead traffic to your website. The paid service allows for even more SEO benefits and better overall ranking.
  2. – You can instantly submit your press release free of charge and gain inbound links to your website. The paid service allows for distribution to the 250K+ subscribers, as well.
  3. – Not the very best choice, but a good press release site because it’s free. The design isn’t super appealing, but the site does have a PR of 6.
  4. – With a PR of 6, this is a top choice for free PR Distribution. You can use the site free of charge or opt for the premium membership, which will allow you to add graphics.
  5. – Provides press release distribution, media contact management and multimedia distribution. You can also choose from a number of paid packages ranging from about $15 to $100.
  6. – This PR distribution site provides a good traffic choice. They allow active links and with the paid service you get better placement and the ability to use images.
  7. – This free submission service provides the ability to use one live link and it’s very search engine friendly. The releases are archived, as well. The paid submission allows you to use three anchor text links and add social sharing buttons.
  8. – With this site you can only use free PR submissions. You are allowed to use a live link in the contact section and the site provides the possibility of exposure from other internet media outlets.
  9. – A high PR of 6 makes this a powerful choice for free press release distribution. They even send your press release to Google News and other search engines.
  10. – This is a site based out of Germany and provides a free submission with plenty of SEO benefits.

If you prefer a better press release distribution website, you may want to choose one of the paid services above. There are also a few top paid PR distribution sites.

Top Three Paid Press Release Distribution Websites

Sites for Press ReleasesPaying to have your press release distributed may be a very good idea. The paid sites all have high PR and they provide something a little more than a free site. The top three paid PR sites are:

  1. – This site provides packages ranging from $99 to $699 and provides plenty of benefits. The clean look makes it easy for those searching the site and the distribution includes newswires, search engines and RSS feeds.
  2. – Maybe the best paid service online for press release distribution, provides multiple packages ranging from $30 to $100. Benefits can include multiple distribution channels and larger distribution for the more expensive packages.
  3. – With packages ranging from $249 to $499, you can reach a large number of outlets with your release. Each package is a little bit different and includes submission to Google News and over 100K journalists.

No matter what the news is about your company, one of these top paid press release distribution websites will allow you to get the word out.

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