The Best Places to Check Your Website Speed

check website speed Your website speed is an important component of your site’s SEO. Google crawls billions of websites, penalizing those that take too long to load or score poorly on page loading speed tests. If your website isn’t optimized, you could be penalizing your search rank without knowing it and losing customers.

We found the best places to check your website speed online for free. Use any of the websites below to find out how your site is doing so you can make the necessary changes to optimize your website.

The Best Places to Check Your Website Speed

1. Pingdom

Pingdom offers server, network, and website monitoring using a global network of servers. They provide stats for uptime and response time and can send alerts via email or text. It’s the top ranking site for website speed tests.

Pingdom Features

  • Examine all parts of a web page
  • Performance overview
  • Performance grade and tips
  • Trace your performance history
  • Test from multiple locations
  • Share your results

2. WebPageTest

WebPagetest is an open source project primarily developed by Google. The tool was originally developed by AOL for internal use. It was open-sourced in 2008 under a BSD license. It’s ranked number two in search for website speed tests. Note: It’s the tool we use to track our own website! 

WebPageTest Features

  • Free website speed tests from multiple locations using IE & Chrome
  • Run simple or advanced tests
  • Multistep transactions, video capture, content blocking, and more
  • Diagnostic information including waterfall charts, PageSpeed Optimization checks + suggestions
  • Forums for support and help from experts

3. GTMetrix

GTmetrix was developed by for their managed hosting customers. The tool was designed to help them find out detailed analytics on the performance of their websites.

GTMetrix Features

  • Waterfall, Video and Report History
  • Various Analysis Options
  • Page Load Details (time, size, number of requests)
  • PageSpeed and YSlow scores and Recommendations

4. Google PageSpeed

The PageSpeed tools help you learn more about your website and how your visitors experience it. PageSpeed Insights, Optimization Library, and Module are all part of Google’s PageSpeed family of tools.

PageSpeed Features

  • Detailed PageSpeed insights direct from the source
  • Optimize your site automatically with automated tests
  • Integrate PageSpeed Optimization Library
  • Install PageSpeed Module

5. Monitis

With Monitis, you enter the URL of your website and click Go to instantly test your website speed and load time. All websites are tested from the US, Europe, and Asia at the same time.

Monitis Features

  • Test and analyze page load speed of your website’s pages
  • Optimize web page performance based on test statistics
  • Improve user experience and SEO rankings

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