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The Best Places to Check Your Website Speed

check website speed

Your website speed is an important component of your site’s SEO. Google crawls billions of websites, penalizing those that take too long to load or score poorly on page loading speed tests. If your website isn’t optimized, you could be penalizing your search rank without knowing it and losing customers. We found the best places to check your website speed online for free. Use any of the websites below to find out how your site is doing so you can make the necessary changes to optimize your website. The Best Places to Check Your Website Speed 1. Pingdom Pingdom offers server, …

When Do I Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

If your business is serious and is planning growth, you need dedicated server hosting. With VPS or shared hosting, your account is only one of many on the same server.  Your resources are depleted and your security is fragmented. You’re unable to respond to high volumes of website traffic, rendering your marketing and advertising campaigns useless. However, with dedicated server hosting, you don’t share resources or space with anyone else. The server is dedicated to your account only, freeing up what would otherwise be shared with other businesses. You can fully secure your data. You can handle high volumes of traffic. …

How to Use Sticky Content to Make Visitors Stay on Your Website

sticky content users stay on website

Whether you’re planning to create one in the near future or have been running your own website for a while now, hopefully, you’re thinking about the amount of time visitors will spend on your website. The session length is important because your chances of converting that visitor into a customer increase exponentially the longer he or she is browsing your website. It’s clear that it’s important to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, but what are the best methods to do it? And what considerations should you keep in mind as you put those methods into …

What Is Reseller Web Hosting and How Much Is It?

Web Hosting for Business

The web hosting industry is growing in popularity among entrepreneurs and business owners because of the inexpensive cost and low risk involved in starting a reseller hosting company. But if you’re like many business owners, you may not understand exactly what reseller web hosting is, or how much it costs to start a reseller hosting business. What is reseller hosting? Reseller web hosting is an inexpensive web hosting option that involves one company renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another company, who then rents the space to third parties. We’ll cover this in more detail further down, but for …

How can you Track the Uptime of your Website?

Track Uptime

You may have not considered the importance of tracking your uptime with your website but it’s actually really important that you do. This term refers to the amount of time your website’s been available to visitors, up and running, and not in downtime. You may have come across this term and have seen guarantees about it when you’ve looked up a web host, but you may not have fully grasped why it’s so important. Downtime means that your visitors can’t reach your site which could cost you in sales, revenue, and traffic; so the guarantee of uptime is a big …

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