Are You Killing Your Blog with a Bad Mindset?

Blogging MindsetBlogging is a great way to gain traffic and reach your audience. However, it can also be very frustrating when it’s not working out the way you want. Maybe you’re struggling to improve traffic and it might not be the fault of your marketing or writing. A negative mindset might be killing your blog. If this is the case, it’s time to take your blog back.

Checking Traffic Stats Daily

While it’s important to keep an eye on your traffic, checking your stats daily shows insecurity. Your metrics are already subject to trends, marketing, algorithms and other outside influences. Often, traffic stats are not a reliable way to really see what your blog is doing. Checking the stats every day is like weighing yourself daily when you’re trying to lose weight. It will cause a defeated attitude and you may simply give up.

If your traffic isn’t where you want it, set a goal to market better and get to where you want to go. Then, work on the plan instead of checking your stats every day.

Negativity in Your Blog Posts

The fastest way to turn off many of your visitors is with a negative attitude in your posts. Readers want solutions, not anger and problems. You will attract more bees with honey and more blog visitors with a positive attitude.

It may be the time of day you are writing and what just happened before you sit down to write. If you just struggled to get the kids out the door or just finished a stressful conversation with your spouse, you may not be in the right mindset to start writing. Make sure you are in a positive mindset before you write and it will shine through in your content.

Comparing Your Blog to Other Blogs

Comparing BlogsYour blog isn’t the same as anybody else’s blog. It’s very dangerous to fall into the trap of comparing your blog with other similar blog. This can lead to blog envy and can cause you to become deflated.

Of course, keeping an eye on other blogs you like isn’t all bad. If there is something you like about it, you can use it on your own blog, as long as you don’t plagiarize the content. For example, if you find a design element you like, find out who did the design and hire the company to do yours.

All Reviews with No Real Meat

Product reviews may be the way you monetize your site, but there has to be a mixture. You cannot expect to achieve your goals by putting up a ton of reviews and nothing else. Striking a balance between reviews and usable information posts fitting the theme of your blog will help you get closer to the goals you have in mind.

Keep the review posts under control and make sure you have plenty of other posts on topics of interest.

Overwhelmed or Bored with Blogging

Bored with BloggingTwo of the most common roadblocks bloggers run into are becoming overwhelmed or bored. If you become overwhelmed, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate the number of blogs you want to get done and how fast you expect them to be done. You may also want to create a long-term editorial calendar to help get everything organized.

Those falling into the boredom with blogging can easily fill their editorial calendar with plenty of interesting topics. Look at the competition, scour the forums and use other sources to help find some new, creative ideas you can get excited about.

There are several mindsets you may fall into that can kill your blog. If you feel negative, overwhelmed, bored, write too many reviews or check your traffic stats too often, you may be killing your blog without even knowing it.

Instead, take a positive approach, get organized and set some goals. Then, get to work and before you know it, you’ll have a thriving blog headed on the path to success!

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