Why do you Need a Fast Website?

Faster WebsiteYou may know that a faster website benefits your business, but you may not know why. It’s instinctive, in our society today, to want things to be bigger, better and faster. Your website shouldn’t be any different. Here’s why you need a faster website.

Everything is Affected by Speed

Did you know, every single metric you track is affected by the speed of your website? From your bounce rate to your conversions, everything depends on the speed of your site. It’s vital to maintain a fast website or your metrics will suffer.

Visitors are not very Patient

In today’s world, website visitors are not very patient. very 100-microsecond your site takes to load, you lose about 1% of the potential sales. This can translate to quite a bit if your site takes a second longer to load than it should.

SEO Depends on Speed

Better SEOIf your website speed score is less than 80/100 with Google, you will not rank as high in the results as you could. This is especially true if you have competition with good SEO and fast load times. You could be missing out on plenty of traffic simply because your site takes longer to load than it should.

You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool to find out how your website scores. This tool will also list the things you can fix to speed up your website.

Conversions Drop with a Slow Site

If your site takes too long to load, you will lose conversions. Any visitor that has to wait more than just a second or two may leave and click on the next result in the search results. You won’t get that conversion and you will have a higher bounce rate.

Faster Site Equals Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce RateAnother very important factor in your SEO is your bounce rate. When visitors come, but leave too quickly, you will end up with a higher bounce rate and your SEO will suffer. With a faster site, you won’t have to worry about people leaving because they don’t want to wait.

There are many reasons to make sure you have a faster website. You want to ensure your speed isn’t causing your site to suffer. You can use the Google tool and also check with your hosting to ensure it’s not your hosting causing slower load times.

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