3 Common Website Features Users Hate

common website features users hateAs a business owner with a website, you get to see the best of both worlds: You browse the web both as a user and as a creator. That gives you some unique insight, and you probably think about the features and web design of every business website you come across.

Some features annoy users more than others, and in the marketing world, some of these annoying website features are still encouraged when they should be blacklisted.

We will outline the 3 common website features users hate and talk about why each one comes off as abrasive or annoying to your visitors. If you’re using any of the features listed below, it’s time to rethink your website design and overall strategy.

The 3 Most Hated Website Features

1. Any kind of pop up

Deep down, you already knew this one, didn’t you? Pop ups, in any form, are a bad idea for businesses. They’re intrusive and they interrupt the browsing experience your visitor is having. Unfortunately, once a visitor is interrupted–and by something they consider annoying–they’re going to leave your website without another thought.

Avoid relying on pop ups to convey a strong call to action–if it’s email signups or a download you’re aiming for, use strong, compelling language and content to get your point across, not pop ups. You’ll have a better chance of getting through to your users this way.

2. Long loading times

Even if every other thing about your website is perfect (and we hate to sound negative, but chances are, your website isn’t perfect!), long loading times will annoy and repel your website visitors. This might seem like it’s out of your control, but it’s really not–the web hosting company you host your website through is responsible for how quickly (or slowly) your web pages load for visitors.

Google crawls websites all day long to test page loading speeds and factors that into your search rank, so that’s another reason to optimize your page loading speed with the right web hosting provider.

Click here for more information on increasing your website speed.

3. Asking for signups too soon

Ever been on a date with someone who quickly came across as desperate? Think back to their actions and words. What made them seem desperate to you?

It was probably how quickly they shared personal information with you. When someone you’ve only just met starts telling you they plan to be married within a year or two and asks if you’d rather have 6 children or 12, it’s too much too soon. You make a mental note–“Not the one”–and move on.

Same thing goes for websites. If you approach a website visitor who just arrived on your site and ask them to sign up for a newsletter or download a free guide, you come off as desperate and repel the visitor. Play it cool by letting their experience come together more naturally. Give them time to browse the site, read your content, and become interested in your company before asking them to sign up for something.

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