The Best Places to Find Customer Testimonials

Do you think customer testimonials matter? They’re one of the most important influencing factors in whether or not a customer ends up buying from you. What your existing and past customers have to say about your business comes across as a lot more trustworthy than what you have to say about it – we tend to believe those we think are unbiased. Finding customer testimonials isn’t always easy, though.

We outline the best places to find customer testimonials and reviews below. Check them out!

The Best Places to Find Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials may already be out there for you to harvest and put on your website! Here are the best places to start looking for them (and a few tips for getting more in the future).

1) Dedicated review sites

Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the like exist for the purpose of gathering reviews about companies and destinations. Your customers can look for your business, rate the service they received, and write an in-depth review of it with photos and more. Many people are active on sites like these, reviewing almost every company they use.

Encourage your existing customers to review you by including your company Yelp or TripAdvisor profile URL on your website. Send a message to your email list requesting reviews with the proper link and offer an incentive for those that review you.

2) Facebook

The Facebook page associated with your business is a good spot to find and get customer testimonials. Users can post directly on your page or leave an actual review. Either can be placed on your website as social proof. Your potential customers will see that there’s an actual person on the other end of the testimonial.

Go now and check your page. There may already be awesome testimonials for you to use there!

3) Business directories online

Google, Yellow Pages,, and similar websites provide information about local businesses, including reviews. Search for your business’ name on the online directory of your choice and see if there are any existing reviews or testimonials. Reply to all the reviews of your company that you see, even if they’re negative.

Make sure there’s a page set up for your company on these directories so customers can leave a review if they search for you in the future.

4) Surveys through email

The saying “Ask and you shall receive” applies to reviews, too! Send a short survey to recent buyers asking about their experience with your business. Include a way for them to choose a star rating (1-5) or opt to have them rate you as Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent instead. Use these responses on your Testimonial page.

5) LinkedIn recommendations

Your LinkedIn page is a great place to look for customer reviews and testimonials, even if they’re directed at you as an individual. Tailor existing recommendations into reviews. If your employees receive recommendations from your customers, use them!

If you can acceptably connect with your customers on LinkedIn, you can ask for their recommendation which will automatically display on LI and can be copied and pasted to your Testimonial page, too.

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