Can you Add Resizable Text in WordPress for Your Visitors?

Maybe you’ve seen the buttons on other websites giving visitors the ability to make the font larger or smaller. This is a helpful feature and many visitors appreciate it. Sure, anybody can increase the font size by holding down CTRL and press then + key, but not everybody knows that. Here’s how you can add the resizable text option to your WordPress website.

Use the Accessibility Widget Plugin to Add Resizable Text in WordPress

The Accessibility Widget Plugin will give you the right tool for the job. Once you’ve activated the plugin you will have a new widget found within this section.

Accessibility Widget

Simply drag and drop the widget in the section where you would like to add the text resizing tool. You will have the option to add a title to this widget and you can adjust the different sizes. However, the sizes for the text are already set for you at 90%, 100%, 110% and 120%. These default options usually do the trick.

Widget Options

You can also change the letter in the controller text option. This is the letter your visitors will see. Most websites use the letter “A”, but you can use any letter you prefer.

After you have set all your different options, just click the save button and you can view your new Resizable Text tool on your website

Resizable Text Tool

This is by far the easiest way to add this type of tool to your website. You can add custom CSS to your theme’s stylesheet to make the letters for the tool larger, bold, bordered or any other attribute you prefer. However, this is a bit more advanced.

Now you can give your visitors the ability to change the size of the text on your website. This is very helpful for those needing larger or smaller text on their screens. Just download, install and activate the Accessibility Widget Plugin on your WordPress website and you will be all set.

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