Is it Possible to add a Notepad within Your WordPress Dashboard?

If you want to be able to write notes to your writers in WordPress, adding a quick Notepad can help. This type of took can make communication much easier within the WordPress dashboard. You can leave yourself notes or write notes to other users. Here’s how you can add Notepad to your WordPress dashboard.

Using the Dashboard Notepad Plugin for WordPress

You will need to install and activate the Dashboard Notepad Plugin for WordPress before you do anything else. Once the plugin has been activated, you will have the ability to access it from the bottom of your screen in the WordPress dashboard on the home screen.

Dashboard NotePad

When you scroll over the top right-hand corner of the Notepad near the arrow, you will get the “configure” option. Click on this option and you can make changes to the way your new Notepad works.

Notepad Configure

After you have the settings you prefer, you can click the “Save” button. Now, you can start typing out any message you would like.

It is a single screen widget, so you will be adding new notes in the same text box.


Anybody that has access to log into your WordPress website will be able to see the notes, if you’ve given them permission to view them in the configuration screen.

Front-End Notes

You can also display your notes on the front end with a simple short code. All you have to do is add [dashboard_notes] inside a page, text widget or post and you can display them on the front end.

This can be a very helpful tool to communication with other users on your WordPress website. You can broadcast a note to everybody or just allow those with specific roles to see the notes. Whether you need to make notes for yourself or for an entire team, the Dashboard Notepad plugin can be very helpful.

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