Can the “Enter Title Here” Text be Replaced in WordPress?

When you try to create a post or page in WordPress, you will see the “Enter Title Here” as a placeholder. This text always needs to be replaced with your actual post or page title, but did you know, you can actually replace the placeholder text, too? Here’s how you can go about making this text customized to your specific needs.

Enter Post Title

Why Should You Replace this Text?

This text doesn’t have to be replaced and there is no SEO benefit for replacing it. However, if you’re using personal profiles for your authors, you can replace this title placeholder with their name or with anything else you want. This can make things a bit easier for users and help you give them specific title instructions.

How to Replace This Text in WordPress

In order to replace this text, you will need to access the functions.php file within your theme. Here, you will need to add this code:

Add Code

Once you add the code, make sure you change the $title section of the code to what you want the title to say. You will also need to change ‘movie’ to your own custom post type.

Understanding the Code

As you work with this code, it’s important to known that the wpb_change_title_text part of the code is the function that will change the title code. Along with this, a check is put into this code to display the custom text only on specific types of posts.

When a user tries to use this specific custom post type screen, they will get the customized text. This code also includes the function enter_title_here, which is a filter allowing you to change the default title text.

That is all you will need to do to change the placeholder text to anything you would like. This can be very helpful with giving specific instructions to writers for specific types of posts.

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