Can you Add a Music Player to the Widgets on WordPress?

Adding music to your website may provide a better user experience. It’s not very difficult to do within WordPress and you can easily add a music player widget to your site with the right plugin.

WordPress has become a very popular choice for musicians, podcasters, bloggers and many other website owners. With all the tools provided, it just makes sense, and now with the ability to add a music player, WordPress is even more appealing.

Using the Simple Music Widget Plugin for Google

Simple Music Widget

When you add the Simple Music Widget Plugin for WordPress to your website, you will be able to add music easily. This plugin makes it very simple to add a music player to your sidebar. Start by installing and activating the plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, you can access it by going to Appearance>>Widgets. From this section, you will see a Simple Music Widget, which you can drag and drop anywhere in the sidebar.

Simple Music Widget Widget

After you drag and drop the widget into your sidebar, you can choose a title, artist, song, album, cover photo and more.

Simple Music Widget Settings

The music file will need to be in mp3 or ogg vorbis format or it won’t work. All music files can be uploaded with the Media>>Add New section of your dashboard. This is also where you can add your album cover.

Once you have uploaded the song you want to use, just go to the “edit” link next to it to get the file URL for the widget settings. Add this URL to the “Direct URL” section in the widget and you’re all set.

After setting up the widget, you can visit your site to make sure it’s working properly. This is the easiest way to add a music player to the sidebar of your WordPress website. Just use the plugin and follow these simple instructions.

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