Can you Batch and Delete Spam Comments in WordPress?

Have you received a number of spam comments on your WordPress website, even with plugins to help keep it to a minimum? These types of comments can become very annoying and it can be very time consuming to delete them.

However, there is a way to batch and delete all your spam comments. It works much like an email program with a spam folder and a filter. Here is how you can get rid of spam comments in WordPress faster.

Start with the Right Spam Plugins


By adding a CAPTCHA plugin and using the Akismet plugin, you can block the spam comments much easier. However, if Akismet goes down, even for just a few minutes, you could be flooded with all kinds of spam comments.

Click the “Empty Spam” Button

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of spam comment is by going to Comments

Empty Spam

However, if you have hundreds or even thousands of spam comments, it may take forever to delete all of these items. There is a better solution that can handle the process without burdening your server much.

Using the Batch Comment Spam Deletion Plugin for WordPress

Pippin Williamson created this plugin to make deleting large amounts of spam comments much easier. Start by installing and activating the Batch Comment Spam Deletion Plugin for WordPress.

After you have activated the plugin, you won’t need to configure anything. Just go to the Comments section, click on spam and click the “Empty Spam” button again.

This plugin will show you the deletion process and will split the comments into batches of 100. The process will take a little bit of time, but will reduce the load on your servers, while cleaning the database of spam comments.

With this plugin and the right plugins to help fight spam, you will be able to eliminate it from your WordPress website much easier.

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