Can you Add Custom After Post Widgets to Your WordPress Website?

Have you ever wondered how other websites add different things after the post, such as a signature, author bio, related posts, social media share buttons and other things? Of course, if you use WordPress, you probably assume there is a plugin that helps this happen and there is one.

If you want to add custom after post widgets to your WordPress blog, you will need the right plugin. Here’s a look at how this can be done.

Using the Add Widget After Content Plugin for WordPress

The Add Widget After Content Plugin for WordPress will help you display custom items after each post. After installing and activating the plugin, you can find it within the Appearance>>Widgets section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Appearance Widget

Now, you can drag and drop any of the widgets you want into the section called “After Content.” This will put those widgets after the post and allow you to customize that area.

After Content Widget

This plugin will work with most WordPress themes and will make it easy to add any type of customization you want after each post.

Turning the Plugin Off on Certain Posts

When you have a post you don’t want to display the after content widget area on, you can turn this plugin off. This is done from the post edit screen below the edit area.

Widget After Content Remove

Just check the box and the widget won’t display for that specific post.

You can also add custom styling for the widget by adjusting the awac and awac-wrapper in your stylesheet. These sections are added by the plugin and if you have some basic CSS skills the change is pretty easy. This allows you to split the widget area into three columns or adjust it however you prefer.

If you want to add custom content after each post, this plugin is the best way to go. Just install and activate it and you will be able to use the new widget section to add anything you want.

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