3 Steps That Make Your Content Go Viral

viralWhat is viral content?

Viral content starts out like all other content–it’s written or created with an audience in mind. What makes viral content different, however, is the way it’s received by the audience.

Instead of drawing a few clicks and likes here and there, viral content takes on a life of its own once it starts being shared by a small group of people and grows.

At the heart of viral content is share-ability, or how appropriate readers deem the content for sharing.

A lot of great, well-written or designed content fails to go viral simply because it’s not presented in the right way to encourage lots of shares.

Interested in creating viral content that drives traffic to your website and familiarizes people with your brand? Read on for 3 steps that make your content go viral.

3 Steps That Make Your Content Go Viral

1. Take it to social media 

While your website should be the core presence of your business online, social media is where people are hanging out and sharing things. That’s where you need to be if you want your content to go viral. You can’t expect to post an article on your blog and have it go viral without any input on your part.

Take your would-be viral content to social media and come up with a catchy, shareable way to promote it. That means going beyond the article title

Which encourages you to click and share more?

“Check out our new blog post: 3 Steps That Make Your Content Go Viral | Link”

“At the heart of viral content is share-ability. A lot of great content fails to go viral simply because it’s not presented in the right way to encourage lots of shares. 3 steps that make your content go viral: Link”

Be creative when you promote your content on social media to give it a better chance of going viral.

2. Turn it into a free eBook

If you’ve been creating good, meaty content for a while, consider putting it together in a free, downloadable eBook for your customers and audience. People that have never heard of your brand could find the eBook’s topic interesting and download it, netting you their contact information for a mailing list and familiarizing them with your brand.

If your content is really good, people will be excited to download it for free. Encourage readers to share with their friends, and as a bonus, you can offer a special promotion to those who download the eBook.

Additionally, you’ll need to promote your eBook on social media channels to give more people a chance to see it. If you can afford to run a social advertising campaign for your eBook, you’ll see your download numbers jump through the roof.

3. Try it in video form

If you create a video and upload it to YouTube, you can share that video with your social media following and website visitors. If they like it and the video becomes popular, it can go viral without any help from you. If your video is really good, you have the opportunity of having it noticed by several websites or blogs that want to embed your video on their site.

Remember–others sharing and promoting your content is a major component of it going viral!

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