Does your Company’s Website Need Professional Photography?

Professional PhotographyWhen you create a website for your company, every element needs to serve a purpose. Whether it’s the way visitors navigate or the design, it needs to have a specific focus and serve your company. Often, companies refuse to invest in key elements, which make all the difference.

Did you know, about 65% of the population is visually inclined when learning? Most people visiting your website will get so much more out of the visual elements than the words on the page. The words are very important, but the pictures are even more important.

Outdated, stock or poor photography simply won’t cut it. Instead of telling the right story for your visitors, these types of images will take the wrong story. You need professional photography for your company’s website and here’s why.

Better Images Equals Better Conversions

The images on your website are directly linked to your conversions. If you don’t have great images, you may not have as high of a conversion rate as you would like. It’s important to create the best possible pictures for your website, especially if you’re running an ecommerce store. The only way customers know what they are really getting is through the images you provide of the products you sell.

We all know how important images are to the buying process. Whether you’ve skipped over a product on eBay or another website due to a lack of pictures, we have all done it. Even in the Real Estate world, we refuse to even consider homes without looking at dozens of high quality pictures online.

If you’re selling items on your website, you want to use a professional photographer to capture the product at all angles. You also want to make sure the product is shown off in the best possible way for the customer. Since they cannot pick it up, feel it, touch it and see how it works, you have to use images to convey this on your website.

Tells a Positive Story

Professional Website PhotographyYour website tells a story about your company. If you use stock images, most visitors will think you’re cheap and not willing to invest in your business. This paints a rather negative picture of your company, which won’t serve you well.

Professional photography has the ability to make the snap judgements visitors make go away. They will see your site appear as professional and clean. A great example of how this works is found on restaurant websites. If they provide blurry pictures or stock pictures only, you may not want to eat there. However, if they provide professional images of actual dishes they serve, you may be enticed to make a reservation.

This concept translates across many industries and very few websites can succeed without professional images.

No Worries of Copyright Infringement

When you hire a professional photographer to handle your images, you don’t have to worry about infringing on any copyright. Finding images on other websites could lead to issues, if you don’t follow the rules. Not only will you still have to pay for image, to make sure you have the right to use them, but you may also be tempted to use free images other websites also use.

By using your own professional images, you won’t need to worry about any potential copyright issues. Instead, you will know you own the images and you will know you can use them.

Better SEO

Website ImagesHigh quality images translate to better SEO in many cases. When you provide great images, they will get picked up in the Google Image Search, which can provide a ton of great traffic for your website. Some studies have shown that great images can increase your traffic by up to 60%!

There are several reasons why your company website needs professional photography. Whether you just need a few images for your homepage or you need ongoing product images, hiring a professional to take or create your images is the best way to go for most companies.

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