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3 Steps That Make Your Content Go Viral

What is viral content? Viral content starts out like all other content–it’s written or created with an audience in mind. What makes viral content different, however, is the way it’s received by the audience. Instead of drawing a few clicks and likes here and there, viral content takes on a life of its own once it starts being shared by a small group of people and grows. At the heart of viral content is share-ability, or how appropriate readers deem the content for sharing. A lot of great, well-written or designed content fails to go viral simply because it’s not …

What Does your Content Need to Go Viral?

Viral Content

Do you struggle to get your content to go viral? It makes you jealous to see big name bloggers get so many “likes” on Facebook and shares on Pinterest while you have a modest-sized following. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners and artists all crave for their content to go viral someday but it’s so rare to make it big online. It may look easy to go viral when you’ve seen videos of kids on YouTube get millions of views or debates over a color of a dress get talked about all over social media for an entire day. While these things …

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