How to Create a YouTube Video with PowerPoint

creativeIt’s no secret that videos are the most viewed and popular medium for content online. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter ‘reward’ videos with their news feed algorithms by placing them in front of more users than they do text-based or image-based posts.

And people engage more with videos–customers are more likely to buy something from you if they stay on your site longer than 1 minute. Videos are the perfect way to keep users on your site long enough to decide to make a purchase.

But making videos is often a barrier for businesses that want to reach more people online. They don’t want to appear on camera, don’t believe they have the necessary skills to create a good video, or simply don’t know what to create a video about.

And that’s okay! You don’t have to be on camera or experienced to create a great YouTube video. If you know how to use PowerPoint, you can make a video.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a YouTube video with PowerPoint.

How to Create a YouTube Video with PowerPoint

1. Determine your topic.

2. Open PowerPoint and choose a preset theme for your video.

3. Sketch out your ideas on paper by slide.

4. Start inputting text and images to each slide, adding transitions or effects as needed.

5. Choose the “Rehearse Slideshow” option to rehearse the time you need to comfortably read each slide.

6. Play the slideshow a few times to make sure the timing and content is correct.

7. Click File –> Save As, and save the file as a Windows Movie Maker file.

8. Open your YouTube account and click Upload.

9. Upload the movie and select your music from the Audio section of Video Manager.

10. Add your audio, sync it, and publish video. You’re ready to share your video now!

Once you’ve created your video, you have some fresh new content to share on social media, newsletters, your website, forums, and ads.

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