What Should Be On My Homepage?

Wondering what information and site elements should be on your homepage? How about what a perfectly designed homepage looks like?

This post will walk you through the important elements and information you need to include on the homepage of your website to make it a more efficient tool for converting visitors to customers.

What should be on my homepage?

The pertinent information

It might be a bad tactic for dating, hunting, or being sneaky, but on your website, you need to make the important information completely obvious to your visitors. They should never have to hunt for what they need.

Do a thorough review of your sitemap to make sure no pages are getting buried or lost in navigation. If it’s important, it should be on your homepage somehow.

Plenty of white space

should be on my homepage

Image credit: Wichita

White space isn’t boring, and it isn’t the same as unused space. White space is a critical aspect of design, especially web design.

The chart on the right shows the effect adequate margins have on reader comprehension. Visitors understand your information better when there are adequate margins on your homepage.

Don’t overload your homepage with photos, graphics, videos, links, and text. Make sure to leave a good amount of white space around your information to make it more visually pleasing and aesthetic.

Colors that convert

Studies have never come to a consensus on the “best colors for converting users,” but they have found that the sharper the contrast between the color of a clickable link or button and the background of the page, the higher the rate of conversion. Red is always a good choice, but an even better option is color-coding your entire site to encourage visitor action. That might mean making all clickable links red, or all important links red while others stay blue.

What they actually came for

Visitors arrive at your site seeking information, products, or services. The easier you make that information available to them, the more likely you are to convert them into a customer or signup. This is an issue many websites have. Here’s an example:

homepage tips

Image credit: Hartsook.com

The point of the illustration is that the things visitors come to a law firm’s website to find are hardly ever on the homepage. Worse, there is information on the homepage–just the wrong information. You could lose a valuable client if you don’t appear to have the information she’s looking for right away. This is why it’s important to make it easily visible and accessible from your homepage.

Your homepage is what the majority of your visitors will see. If you want to make sure they spend time exploring more of your website, include the elements above and start tracking your results!

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