5 Ways to Get Better at Customer Service

get better at customer serviceCustomer service is one of the most important aspects of your business. If you aren’t paying attention to the way your business serves and interacts with customers, you’re losing out! Bad customer service results in more than just complaints–people will stop using your business, and if they had a really bad experience, they’ll tell their friends and colleagues to avoid your company, too.

It’s important to focus on your customer service and the ways your company interacts with customers if you want to succeed (and we know you do). We know customer service well–it’s our business to, as a virtual receptionist provider. We’ve found 5 ways to get better at customer service, so feel free to ‘steal’ them for your own business!

CRM software can’t replace the things about customer service that really make experiences memorable. If you want customers to like your business and keep coming back, you need to focus on these 5 things.

5 ways to get better at customer service

Adapt easily

The best customer service representatives are intuitive and very good at “reading” the moods of their callers and customers with questions. They’re also willing to learn new things and adapt to their new knowledge accordingly.

Talk to your reps about the importance of adaptability to take your customer service to new heights.

Be consistent

While every customer is different, you need a consistent approach to handle all customer needs and inquiries. That’s not to say your responses shouldn’t be varied and personal, just that every response should follow an approved or agreed-upon template.

Aim for clarity

Active listening isn’t a gimmick–it’s a real communication tactic that results in better understanding, lower instances of conflict, and a more positive experience for all parties involved. Teach your customer service reps to listen actively by paraphrasing customers’ statements to ensure they’ve understood as the customer intended.

Miscommunication is a customer service killer, so focus on being clear to avoid it!

Know your stuff

Your customers are relying on your customer service representatives to know what’s wrong and why it’s wrong. They need you to be able to tell them where to find something on your website, how to complete certain actions, or use your product.

Your customer service representatives must be knowledgeable about your product to ensure they’re not losing a sale or disappointing a former happy customer by being unable to help them. If a representative doesn’t know the answer to a customer’s question, let them know it’s okay to say “I don’t have the answer to that right now, but I’ll check with my supervisor and get back to you in about 20 minutes. Is that alright?”

Never let them see you sweat

If your customer service representatives are getting upset with customers or feel hurt after receiving negative feedback, it’s time for a meeting. Reinforce the belief that the customer is always right, and that the perspective that you rely on is not your own, but the customer’s. Remind them that feedback, whether negative or positive, is a good thing and helps you manage your customer service efforts. Always thank customers for feedback!

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