Every Homepage Should Have These 12 Elements [Infographic]

Your homepage is the page most visitors come to when they arrive on your website. It’s the living room of the website, where most people will spend their time before they get a little more comfortable or are invited further in.

Your homepage is your chance to make a great first impression and start converting leads (people visiting your website) into sales. It receives most of the traffic that comes to your website, so it’s important to optimize it for conversions. Failing to convert users on your homepage means it’s missing some critical elements.

HubSpot put together a really useful infographic that outlines all the elements a conversion-optimized homepage must have. Check it out!

The 12 Elements Every Homepage Must Have
12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

We love the layout and presention of this infographic, but for some quick takeways, we’ve included a summary below.

Your website homepage has the greatest conversion potential, but it can never reach that potential if people are clicking away before they have a chance to buy. Including the 12 critical elements of a conversion-optimized homepage will help you retain visitors longer and make more sales.

Your homepage is your one chance at making a great first impression on a visitor, so don’t waste it! Here are the 12 critical homepage elements to include and a few details about what they are used for and how you can implement the changes.

  1. Headline – Should tell what you’re about in 3 seconds or less. Go for good stuff, no fluff!
  2. Subheadline – Include more details about why someone would use your product or service
  3. Primary Call to Action (CTA) – Include a few different CTAs for customers in different buying stages
  4. Supporting image – Choose big, original images or a video to highlight your product or someone using it
  5. Benefits – List the benefits of buying from your customers’ perspective
  6. Social proof – Add short quotes with a photo and name from testimonials or reviews
  7. Navigation – Make it easy to navigate and add a search bar to decrease bounce rates
  8. Content offers – Offer free downloadable whitepaper, guide, map, eBook, etc.
  9. Secondary Call to Action – For those not interested in the primary objective, placed lower down
  10. Features – List key features with bullet points or icons
  11. Resources – Where customers can click to learn more about your product or service
  12. Success indicators – Testimonials, reviews, awards, recognition

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