What is VPS Hosting and is it the Right Choice?

vps hostingFinding the right hosting, whether shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, matters. Whenever you start a new website or blog, hosting is a big decision. Choose the wrong type of hosting or the wrong company, and you may suffer downtime due to higher traffic volumes than expected. It all starts with an understanding of the different types of hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Understanding VPS or virtual private server hosting may help you make the right hosting decision. This type of hosting is a step up from the very popular and very inexpensive shared hosting. VPS hosting still shares a server between multiple hosting accounts, but in a different way.

When you choose VPS hosting for your website, you receive a package with your own resources. The server is partitioned into sets of resources specifically designated for each account. This provides many benefits you cannot get from a shared hosting account.

Each hosting accounts remains independent from the other without the need for a separate machine. This makes VPS hosting less expensive than owning a dedicated server, but more secure than a shared hosting account.

It falls right in between shared and dedicated when it comes to price. You will pay more for VPS hosting than you will for shared hosting, but not as much as a dedicated server. Typically, VPS hosting companies offer multiple packages allowing you to upgrade your resource as needed.

Benefits of Using VPS Hosting

Compared to dedicated server hosting the major benefit of VPS hosting is the cost. However, this isn’t the only benefit you gain, especially when comparing shared and VPS hosting. Other benefits include:

  • Performance – Overall, VPS hosting provides more speed and a better performance than shared hosting. Since you get your own resources, you have more control over the load times and the amount of traffic your site can handle.
  • Flexibility – With shared hosting, you’re stuck with whichever operating system the hosting company offers. VPS hosting allows you the flexibility to choose the operating system and the software you want to use on the server.
  • More Resources – Even though shared hosting comes in an “unlimited” form, you’re still limited. With VPS hosting, you gain more bandwidth, RAM and disk space. In addition, you can always upgrade for even more resources.
  • Stability – Shared hosting doesn’t provide the same stability as VPS hosting does. Since the server is shared in a different way, you don’t have to worry about any other hosting account adversely affecting your account.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come along with VPS hosting. Compared to shared hosting, a virtual private server is a huge upgrade.

What are the Main Features of VPS Website Hosting?

Along with the many benefits you gain when choosing a VPS hosting package, it will also come with features you cannot get with shared hosting. These features include:

  • Root Access – You can actually control your hosting account configuration and software installation because you’re given root access.
  • Hosting for Multiple Websites – You can host multiple websites on a shared hosting account, but if they start to receive a moderate amount of daily traffic, you may crash the server. With a VPS hosting package, you can actually experience multiple domain hosting in a much better way.
  • Managed Data Backups – Most VPS hosting companies provide full data backups for you. It’s recommended that you take advantage of this service.

Along with these features, a good VPS hosting company will fully manage your server. They will monitor the server 24/7 and provide full technical support to fit with all your specific needs.

Should You Choose VPS Hosting or Skip Right to a Dedicated Server?

Sometimes, VPS hosting is a great option, while other times, it’s a wasted stop in the hosting world. Some websites will outgrow shared hosting quickly and find that VPS hosting just doesn’t provide enough security or space for their website(s).

If your website(s) already receive a large amount of daily traffic, VPS hosting may not be enough for you. In this situation, you may want to consider a dedicated server for your hosting needs.

At ITX Design, we provide both VPS and dedicated hosting. When you’re not sure which hosting choice is best for your specific needs, you can contact our support team. We will be happy to recommend the right hosting solution for your needs.

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