VPS vs Cloud Hosting with ITX Design – Which is the Better Choice for Your Business ?

VPS Vs Cloud Hosting – The Primary Differences

When looking at VPS vs cloud hosting you need to know what the differences are before you make a decision.

These are two very different types of hosting you can use to get your website up and running, store files, and share them with clients.

By knowing the differences you may be able to make a good business decision as to which one is best for your company.

First, VPS hosting stands for virtual private server and it is used by many specifically for the price and the benefits it comes with.

It can give you many of the same benefits as a dedicated server at a much lower price. VPS hosting is basically when you buy a partition of a server that you get to use all for your hosting account.

Second, cloud hosting is a type of hosting that allows you to store files on a “cloud” and access them from anywhere you want. This gives you the ability to access your resource on-demand and gives you a higher amount of resource availability. Many are using cloud hosting for storing presentations and necessary documents they need to share with clients.

The major difference when looking at VPS vs cloud hosting is the limitations from VPS to cloud hosting. Since you cannot access your resources anywhere you want to with VPS hosting it is not the same as cloud hosting. Cloud hosting allows you to get to anything you need as long as you can get connected to the internet.

VPS Vs Cloud Hosting – The Similarities

The similarities between these two types of hosting are found mainly in the security, the price, and the billing. They both have a high level of security and this is one of the major reasons companies upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting. If they need more resources for security they can be found with VPS hosting.

Cloud hosting does have some limitations on the security, but they are still able to provide more security than shared hosting can. This is another upgrade many are seeking due to the ability to place documents on the cloud and actually know they are safe.

The price of VPS vs cloud hosting is very similar as well because you pay for the amount of space or resources you need for your project. They both start off very low in price for a smaller amount of disk space and get more expensive as you get more space. This gives you great flexibility to start off with a small package and grow as you need more space.

Another very similar part of VPS vs cloud hosting is the billing. Many shared hosting plans bill you on a yearly basis whereas both VPS and cloud hosting are billed monthly, in most cases. This gives you the ability to try out the hosting and see if it does what you need it to do. If not, you are not locked into a long term contract with either of these types of hosting.

Also, since this is billed monthly you have more flexibility to upgrade the amount of space and resources you need. If you find you need more there is no need to pay an extra fee for the year. Instead you simply upgrade and move to a higher monthly bill for the new resources you are getting.


Which Should You Choose – VPS vs Cloud Hosting?

If you are looking to put up a website, a blog, or a combination of more than just one of these, then you should probably go with VPS hosting. It is more geared towards those looking for greater resources for their website hosting. You can customize VPS hosting to fit your budget and your needs as you grow over time.

However, if you need to be able to access documents, files, videos, and anything else wherever you go, then you can use cloud hosting. Cloud hosting helps to save the space on your own servers and computers and gives anybody you want access to see what you are storing on your cloud. This is perfect if you want to store a large amount of information for your employees to access wherever they are.

Both of these types of hosting have their benefits and you can actually use them both for your business. It is up to you and figuring out which type is going to benefit you the most is very important. Now you have a few differences, similarities, and a bit more information to help you with VPS vs cloud hosting.

What Linux VPS Hosting Can Provide for Your Site

Linux VPS hosting package is a good alternative for you after you have outgrown your shared hosting.

It is more affordable than dedicated hosting but offers the same flexibility in many ways because of the partitioning of the server.

VPS refers to a virtual private server and is a server that has been divided, using software, into a number of different virtual server machines, so it’s kind of like getting a dedicated server, but smaller, and of course your overall costs will be less as well.

Although the resources such as disk space, CPU and RAM are still shared, the VPS functions independently from the other partitions.

Starting pricing for VPS hosting packages will cost you as little as $5 per month (however, that is very cheap, and you’ll probably want to spend a little more for better service).

You can indeed get a VPS that acts like a dedicated server but is as affordable as a shared hosting option, thus this type of hosting package is becoming very popular, though most folks still get shared hosting.

Most people are looking for the cheapest option, sad, but true.  Most of the time the cheapest option is not the best, and there could be hidden costs and dangers.

Stepping Up to Linux VPS Hosting

You should do your due diligence and ensure that the hosting company offers features that are necessary for smooth running of your business. These should include a 99% uptime guarantee, adequate disk space and bandwidth, and 24 hour customer support.

These are pretty much standard in the industry, look for real customer reviews and read in between the lines to get a good overall picture of what’s really going on.

Reviewing Your Hosting Options

Many of the larger hosting companies provide hosting for Linux VPS and since they all provide many of the same options such as customer support, disk space, bandwidth, software, and uptime guarantee.

However, although a hosting company may offer all the features you require, if they are unreliable and offer poor service your online business will suffer the consequences.

Provided you can get the services you require, you should query the hosting companies’ reputation and the quality of their customer service by reading consumer reports and reviews.

Look for a lot of quality content otherwise those “review” might just be a bunch of nonsense steering you towards a certain host.

Selecting a Linux Package

Once you have verified that that you will be able to get the features your business needs and you have decided on a hosting company, you should next decide on the operating system and plan for your business. Many people select Linux VPS plan because it offers all the power of the Windows VPS plan without the added expense of a license.  This cost forces many people into choosing an open source Linux server.

If your website needs have outgrown shared hosting and you are looking for an affordable, better performing, and flexible alternative, then you may want to get a Linux VPS hosting package for your business.

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