Bridging the Gap with a Virtual Dedicated Server

virtual-private-server-cloudVPS, virtual private server or virtual dedicated server hosting is the perfect answer for those in need of more than shared hosting, but without the budget to support dedicated hosting. VPS web hosting packages bridge the price gap and provide many of the necessary benefits of dedicated hosting without the cost.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

A virtual dedicated server is a hosting server split into partitions. When a hosting company offers shared hosting, they put multiple (usually hundreds) hosting accounts and websites on the same server. These accounts fight for resources on a first come, first serve basis. With a virtual dedicate server, which is used in VPS hosting packages, the accounts on the same server don’t fight for resources.

Each account is assigned a partition. The size of the partition depends on the package ordered, but it provides specific resources to the hosting account. If you choose a VPS hosting package instead of a shared hosting package, you will have your own set of resource. You will still share a server, but you won’t need to fight any other website or hosting account for the resources of that server.

The Growth of a Hosting Account

Most websites start with shared hosting and about 90% of them will never graduate past shared hosting. Personal websites, low traffic site, blogs and many other online entities don’t need more than a shared hosting account. However, if you run a business and you start receiving over 1,000 visitors a day or you need added security, shared hosting isn’t an option anymore.

Websites receiving medium to high traffic, in need of added security or those processing customer payments online, need the resources of VPS or dedicated hosting. Most of these companies start with a shared hosting package and realize they need something better along the way. This is normal and they often upgrade to a virtual dedicated server because it’s a less expensive option than a dedicated server.

If you’ve realized shared hosting isn’t enough anymore and it’s time to upgrade to a VPS hosting package, there are a few advantages you will receive immediately, including:

  • Control – Unlike shared hosting, you actually have control over the security and the operating systems of a VPS package. You can give full root access to all users, install any operating system you prefer and install custom applications.
  • Performance – Compared to a shared hosting package, you gain far better performance from a VPS package. Since the resources aren’t shared by multiple accounts, your account will provide better performance for all websites, blogs and other online entities hosted on the account.
  • Security – Since the partition is yours and you don’t share it, you can customize the security with strict firewalls and custom programs. You won’t need to worry about the vulnerability of other websites on the same server.
  • Reliability – With shared hosting, it’s possible for one website on the serves to seek a spike in activity, which causes downtime or slow load times for other sites. This doesn’t happen with a virtual dedicated server because your websites use only the resources assigned to you.

Along with all of these necessary benefits, the package comes at a far lower price than a dedicated server does. With VPS hosting, you can control your spending, while gaining the necessary resources to build your business to the next level.

Shared to Virtual to Dedicated Hosting

Most businesses wish they could start with a managed dedicated server because they know the benefits of this type of hosting. However, the budget doesn’t allow for the high cost, so most start with shared hosting. Once, your business outgrows the shared hosting package, you can upgrade to a virtual dedicated server. ITX Design provides three VPS hosting packages ranging from $49.95 per month to $99.95 per month.

These three packages make it very easy to bridge the gap as you work towards dedicated hosting. Start with the least expensive and work your way to the most expensive VPS package. Once your company grows past the most expensive virtual dedicated server, you can upgrade to a dedicated server. This gives you time to build your sales and profits to support the new hosting expense.

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