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vps-hosting-low-costHow To Find High-Quality Low Cost VPS Hosting

Websites require hosting and not just any type of hosting. Sometimes shared hosting doesn’t cut it, but your budget won’t allow you to upgrade to a dedicated server. When this is the case, you can bridge the gap with low cost VPS hosting from a top hosting company.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or virtual private server hosting provides you with one of the best options for the price. You can get the most out of your hosting when you upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting. The biggest difference between the two types of hosting is how the server is shared.

VPS hosting provides users with their own set of resources, while shared hosting doesn’t. You get your own disk space and bandwidth on a partition of the server. This type of hosting also provides you more customization and the ability to secure your hosting better than a shared hosting account.

Finding the Right Low Cost VPS Hosting Option

Most VPS hosting choices are about the same. Typically, they range from about $15 per month to $200 per month. The higher cost packages will provide more space and bandwidth, along with the potential for other options, as well. You can start with a low cost VPS hosting package and upgrade as you need more space.

If you want to find the best VPS hosting, for an affordable price, these are the most important things to consider:

  • The Technical Support from the Hosting Company
  • The Size of the VPS Hosting Package
  • The Type of Servers
  • The Features You Receive
  • The Cost of the Package

The cost of your VPS hosting is listed last because it cannot be the most important factor in your decision. Some of the companies don’t offer low cost VPS hosting, but instead they offer cheap VPS hosting. There is a big difference between the two.

Low Cost VPS vs. Cheap VPS Hosting

Cheap VPS hosting isn’t the type of hosting you want. This type of hosting comes at an almost unbelievably low price, but you don’t get the same value compared to a low cost VPS hosting package. With cheap VPS hosting, you get what you pay for, which isn’t very much.

The lower price may seem enticing, but a few weeks into dealing with a slow support team, account issues, slow load time and many other issues, you will wish you had paid a little bit more for hosting with a better company.

When you choose low cost VPS website hosting, you get the best value for your money. It may not be the absolute lowest price in the market, but the value will outweigh the small amount more you will pay each month.

It’s very important to get VPS hosting from a company providing great support. This is a vital part of any hosting account, regardless of the type of hosting you choose. Without great support, you really cannot trust the company to handle your VPS hosting. Less than good support typically means the company doesn’t monitor their servers as well as they should.

How Will VPS Hosting Benefit Your Website

Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting provides a number of excellent benefits. One of the major reasons companies upgrade is the ability VPS hosting has to handle a larger volume of traffic. Shared hosting packages may come with unlimited bandwidth, but they only handle a certain volume of traffic.

When you reach the limits of shared hosting, you may start to experience slower load times and downtime. This means it’s time to upgrade to a VPS hosting account. With VPS hosting, you won’t have to worry about how much traffic you get. You will know the volume you can handle each month and, if necessary, you can upgrade to a larger VPS package as your site grows.

VPS hosting is also very scalable. Since you can start with a low cost, smaller VPS hosting package and upgrade as necessary, you can grow your hosting with your business. This allows you to do more with your hosting than you can do with shared hosting.

Along with these two major benefits VPS hosting is customizable, provides a better security level and gives you more control over your hosting. Whether you’re upgrading from shared hosting or just need to take advantage of these benefits from the beginning, the right low cost VPS hosting will provide you more than shared hosting will.

If you’re ready to move to a better type of hosting, ITX Design is ready to help. Our award-winning support and multiple low cost VPS hosting options provide the best choice for your hosting needs. Choose the package right for your needs today and experience the benefits of an industry-leading company for your website hosting.

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