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business-web-hostingWhat Type of Business Web Hosting do You Need?

Every business is different and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you want the best business web hosting, it starts with defining your specific needs. Of course, the business budget will need to be considered in the decision, as well.

At ITX Design, we offer four different types of hosting and multiple packages with each category. We offer business hosting for all sizes of businesses. Here’s how each type of hosting fits within different types of businesses.

Shared Hosting

The most popular type of business web hosting is shared hosting. The cost is the driving factor behind the popularity. This type of hosting from ITX design ranges from $4.95 per month to $11.95 per month. If you just opened your online business, shared hosting will provide a good starting point.

Small businesses often choose shared website hosting, as well. It’s perfect for smaller businesses because you won’t need to spend much of your budget each month and shared hosting supports plenty of website traffic. However, as you grow, you may need to upgrade for added security and the ability to support even more traffic.

Reseller Hosting

Unlike shared website hosting, reseller hosting fits only with a few specific business models. This type of business hosting provides the ability to sell the space you don’t use for a profit. Businesses with the ability to take full advantage of reseller hosting include:

  • Hosting companies
  • Website flippers
  • Website designers
  • Web developers

A few other types of businesses may be able to take advantage of this type of hosting, as well, but these are the main businesses with the ability to leverage reseller hosting for maximum benefits. ITX Design offers reseller hosting starting at $24.95 per month and ranging up to $70.95 per month.

VPS Hosting

Small to medium-sized businesses can really benefit from VPS hosting. This type of business web hosting provides more security than shared website hosting, along with your own set of resources. It has many of the same benefits of a dedicated server without the high cost.

You can build a higher traffic website with VPS hosting without the worry of causing downtime or any other hosting issues. If you begin to see a spike in traffic, you may want to consider VPS hosting as an upgrade from shared business hosting.

ITX Design provides three VPS hosting options ranging from $49.95 per month to $99.95 per month. You can get up to 2,000 GB of bandwidth every month, along with 250 GB of disk space.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Medium to large businesses will need the benefits of a dedicated server for business hosting. This type of hosting gives you full privacy and security. The server is all yours to use however you’d like.

If you were to buy your own dedicated server and provide the necessary support for it, you’d spend thousands of dollars every year. However, with managed dedicated server hosting for your business, you won’t spend as much and you won’t have to worry about server monitoring or maintenance.

ITX Design provides four dedicated server packages for business web hosting. You can start with the smallest dedicated server for $179 per month and build your business up to the largest server at $575 per month.

Making the Right Business Hosting Decision

After looking at the many hosting options for businesses, it should be pretty easy to fit your business into the right category. If you’re just starting out with a website, shared hosting is the right choice. You will get everything you need and you won’t have to spend very much money for hosting.

However, if you’re moving your website from another host or you plan to build traffic quickly, you may need VPS or dedicated hosting. Both options support higher traffic volume compared to shared hosting and both provide better security.

Some businesses may be able to add hosting services to their product line. If this is the case, reseller hosting is the right option for you. However, if you don’t have any desire to sell hosting, your business doesn’t need reseller hosting.

If you’re not sure where your business fits in the scale of hosting, contact ITX Design and we will be happy to recommend the right business web hosting for your specific needs.

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